Who is Lunden Roberts? Hunter Biden's 'Stripper' Baby Mama Was on His Firm's Payroll While She was Pregnant

The texts also reveal that three months after Roberts gave birth to the baby girl, Navy Joan Roberts, Hunter ordered his assistant to boot her off the company's insurance plan.

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The former stripper form Arkansas who bore Hunter Biden's child out of wedlock and who he claims he has memory of meeting, had put her on his consulting firm's payroll while she was pregnant, text message unearthed from his now-abandoned laptop reveal. Texts reveal that Lauden Roberts she worked with Hunter and also told him about her pregnancy in 2018.

The messages further reveal that three months after Roberts gave birth to the illegitimate baby girl, Navy Joan Roberts, Hunter ordered his assistant to ensure that she was booted off the company's insurance plan. The texts are on Hunter's abandoned laptop, which were verified and made public by DailyMail.com on Wednesday.

Hunter and His Lies

Lunden Roberts
Lunden Roberts Facebook

The texts unearthed from Hunter abandoned laptop on Wednesday, shed new light on the relationship between him and Roberts, who gave birth to their daughter in August of 2018, according to a DailyMail report. The texts prove that Hunter, 51, conceived his daughter with Roberts, 29, around December 2017 while still in a relationship with his brother's widow Hallie Biden.

Navy Joan Roberts in that case is Hunter's fourth child. When Roberts sued him in an Arkansas court for not helping her raise the child, Hunter denied paternity. Instead, he continued to reject her pleas for child support and went on to say that he had no memory of ever meeting her.

Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden Wikimedia Commons

However, President Joe Biden's son's lies were exposed after a DNA test proved he was the father of the baby girl. Even then he continued to claim that he did not have enough money to pay child support although he was at that living in a $12,000-per-month home in Hollywood and driving a Porsche. When the judge ordered him to produce financial records, Hunter settled out of court for a reported $2.5 million.

Almost Inhuman

After letting Hunter know about her pregnancy for the first time in late 2017, she again messaged him on July 24, 2018 to let him know that their child's due date was September 8. ("Amoeba DD Sep 8, 2018 All Good," she wrote.), the Mail reported. Hunter didn't reply to her message.

Lunden Roberts
Lunden Roberts Facebook

A couple of weeks later on august 8, she again messaged Hunter but he continued to ignore her and didn't reply. "Reached out a few times, it's clear you don't want to be reached," she wrote. "Need to talk to you. If you feel the need to reach out, my line is always open. Hope all is well."

Roberts had previously been reported as a former stripper at a Washington DC club which Hunter frequented, but texts reveal she was in fact a worker at his consultancy firm, Rosemont Seneca. And she was on payroll even after she was pregnant.

December 2018 texts from his assistant at the firm, Katie Dodge, say that a woman named 'Lunden' had been on the payroll for at least nine months that year. However, things changed soon after Roberts gave birth to their child.

Just three months after Roberts gave birth to the baby girl, Hunter messaged Dodge asking for information about Rosemont Seneca and made sure her name be removed form the firm's insurance plan.

Hunter Biden with Hallie
Hunter Biden with Hallie Biden, widow of his brother Beau YouTube Grab

"Who is pay roll paid to now and for past 9 months?" Hunter messaged on December 19, 2018.

"Past nine months has been you, me, Lunden, Hallie, Liz & Erin. But currently only you me & Erin," his assistant Katie Dodge replied. "3 on pay roll. Only 2 need to partake in insurance. I have insurance. No Lunden's removal doesn't jeopardize insurance," Dodge assured Hunter in another text.

Roberts slapped the President's son with a paternity suit in May 2019. The suit was settled in March 2020 with Hunter agreeing to pay an undisclosed monthly sum in child support and health insurance premiums.

The messages cast serious doubt on Hunter's claim in his memoir, Beautiful Things, released in April this year, that he had "no recollection" of Lunden. At the same time it also proves how Hunter lied in the past and even in his memoir.