Luke Bell Cause of Death: Did 32-Year-Old Country Singer Die of Fentanyl Overdose or ,of Prolonged Mental Illness?

A shocking revelation made in the autopsy report of the country musician and singer Luke Bell pointed towards "Fentanyl overdose" as the cause behind his death. It is also learnt that Bell was undergoing serious mental illness since 2015 which could not be addressed completely. He had a severe bipolar disorder and was abusing drugs for a long time.

The 32-years-old singer went missing for almost a week and was found dead by a passerby in a parking structure in Tuscan, Arizona on August 26. A couple of habit- forming substances other than fentanyl were also found near his body.

The report from the Pima County Medical Examiner's office stated that Luke suffered arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease and had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.076 at his time of his death.

Luke Bell

Did Luke Bell Miss Out on His Medicines for Bipolar Disorder?

Social media followers have condoled the death of the musician adding that the government must take serious steps to check the inflow of drugs like fentanyl. Some of the followers even blamed "border policy" with Mexico as the cause of infiltration of fentanyl in US. At the same time, a few individuals have blamed the doctors for prescribing Fentanyl for pain relief which they say leads to addiction and is subsequently used by the mentally instable people.

According to a report published in TMZ, Luke's business manager Brian Buchanan stated that the singer was battling with bipolar disorder and had disappeared on several occasions. Despite having tried hard, the singer couldn't deal with his bipolar disorder and he may have even missed taking his prescribed medicines before his death, the report stated further.

Luke and his fellow musician Matt Kinman were in Tuscan to visit the latter's family. They were getting food in the area when Luke just disappeared.

Atwitter user shared his views adding, "Country Singer Luke Bell is dead due to accidental fentanyl overdose because Democrats don't want to secure the border and fentanyl flows freely over the border. @SenMarkKelly."

"How is stupidity a mental illness? How is the initial decision to ingest an illegal drug "accidental?" It's just an excuse," wrote another user while referring to Luke's death.