Lover went offline, Singaporean woman attempts suicide in Taiwan


A Singaporean woman tried to commit suicide on Thursday, as her boyfriend failed to turn up online. As per reports, the woman who is surnamed Chew has fled to Taiwan to meet her lover whom she met through an Internet dating site. Taiwanese media houses reported that the woman tried to jump off a multi-storeyed carpark when her boyfriend failed to turn up.

Details of the incident

The Singaporean woman and the Taiwanese man fell in deep love after they met on a dating site. To meet him, the woman fled from Singapore and reached the Taiwanese city of Taoyuan. After reaching Taiwan, the woman searched for her boyfriend, but he failed to turn up, and when she tried to contact him via Internet, he was found offline.

The woman became disappointed, and she climbed up to the roof of a five-storeyed car park. As the woman captured the attention of people around the car park, they informed the Police. Within no time, the Police rushed to the scene accompanied with the Civil Defense Force. The Civil Defense Force also carried a fire engine equipped with stairs to save the woman.

Even after repeated requests from the Police, the woman failed to cooperate, and as per eyewitnesses, she was in a very unstable mood. Finally, the rescue team succeeded in making the woman sit with her back facing the road. Without making her aware, the rescue team blasted a stream of water at her, and thus she fell to safety, landing at the car park's roof.

The Police officers and team members in the Civil Defense Force rushed to her and took the lady to the hospital. As the Taiwanese man failed to turn up, the Taiwanese Police is now trying to contact the woman's family members to take her back to Singapore. The Singaporean Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also assisting the Taiwanese officials to deal the issue.