Louisiana Jail Officer Arrested for Providing Food to Female Inmates In Exchange for Lewd Sexual Acts

A St. Landry Parish Sheriff's corrections deputy has been booked, accused of providing forbidden food items to female inmates in exchange for "various sex acts and displays of lewd behavior."

Eddie Taylor, 33, of Opelousas, was booked with malfeasance in office for prohibited sexual conduct with persons in the custody and supervision of the Department of Public Safety and Corrections.

Taylor Provided Inmates Food in Exchange for Watching Them Perform Lewd Sexual Acts

Eddie Taylor
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The investigation began last week when it was reported that an officer was providing female offenders with "unapproved food items with an understanding that various sexual acts and displays of lewd behavior would be exchanged in a "quid pro quo" arrangement," a release from the sheriff's office states.

Jail security footage from August 12, 2022 shows that Eddie Taylor provided food items to a female offender. He is also observed telling the offender that he has spoken to her family members and provided the funds to post the offender's bail.

On August 13th, jail security footage shows Eddie Taylor provided food items to the same offender and then suggested that she perform a lewd sexual act.

During the evening hours on August 14th, security footage shows that Correctional Officer Eddie Taylor provided food items to numerous female offenders and during the early morning hours on August 15, 2022, stood outside the cell doorway and watched through the cell door window while a female offender performed a sexual act inside the cell.

No Outside Food is Allowed in the Jail

The food items he provided included chips, candy, honey buns, candy bars and fried chicken. No outside food is allowed in the jail; incarcerated people can get snacks and food from the commissary.

The warrant for his arrest was issued on August 16. He's also been terminated from his position as a corrections deputy, officials say.

This article was first published on August 20, 2022