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Lee Si Young and Kim Young Kwang recently appeared on MBC FM4U's "Kim Shin Young's Hope Song at Noon" and shared a little about their drama, "Lookout."

In the upcoming action thriller, Lee Si Young will reportedly be playing a role where she needs to do a lot of action scenes. During the broadcast, the actress revealed, "I shot several wire-action scenes, but they were all in very safe environments. I had to jump from the third floor of a building but it wasn't that high up."

The actress really surprised everyone when she spoke about the extent she went through, in order to prepare for the drama.

While sharing about the drama, she revealed that she got three licenses over the course of just 12 hours.

The actress further mentioned, "I got licenses for driving type 1 large, type 2 small, and special-class trailers. Previously, I only had a regular drivers license. I initially went to get my motorcycle license for my role in the drama, but I saw a 25 ton truck and really wanted to be able to drive one, so I got a license for that too. I'm hoping it comes in handy later on since my character on 'Lookout' is a runaway."

The 35-year old actress further added, "I practiced for 12 hours in one day. I was intrigued by how the gears changed on the truck. Luckily, I passed on the first try."

Meanwhile, Lee Si Young's co-star Kim Young Kwang made a ratings promise for their upcoming drama. He shared that if the upcoming drama surpasses 10 percent, they will be choosing a location where he can deliver coffee and the female lead Lee Si Young will be delivering snacks.

MBC's "Lookout" is all set to premiere on May 22 at 10 p.m. KST!