Light pollution may attract advanced aliens from deep space; are we in danger?


As humans are busy searching for extraterrestrial life that may exist in the farthest nooks of the universe, a top scientist has revealed that increasing light pollution in earth could help aliens to spot human presence.

These remarks were made by Dr Jacco Van Loon, a top scientist at Keele University during an exclusive interview with During the conversation, Loon claimed that the light output of the earth has been increased by three times in the past hundred years and this light may have travelled a hundred light-years in these 100 years.

He also added that "In that small volume, it is quite unlikely we will find a civilization as advanced as ours. We are still struggling to directly detect life on planets around other stars – we still cannot do that for Earth-like planets in an Earth-like orbit.

"But in the next few decades, it is quite likely we will be able to start doing that. It is within the realms of possibilities that reasonably technologically advanced alien civilizations can do this.

"But they have to be near enough, because if they are 1,000 light-years away, they will be seeing Earth as it was 1,000 years in the past, and the Earth wasn't lit with artificial light sources in the Middle Ages," Loon further added.

He further mentioned that the signals which we sent out to space cannot be taken back at any point and it will continue its journey through deep space. Sometimes, it may catch the attention of an advanced alien civilization and Keele believes that it is not wise to send radio signals to space in the quest to find alien life.

Loon is not the only expert who shared similar beliefs regarding the beaming of radio signals into deep space. Legendary physicist Stephen Hawking had suggested that humans will be the risk-takers if an advanced alien group detects these signals and visit earth and if it happens, then should be considered as a clear indication that they are more technologically advanced, as well as it may even cause the end of humanity.