Lifeguards at Egyptian Resort Laughed At Tourists Warning Of Shark Presence Minutes Before Beast Killed An Austrian Woman

Lifeguards at the Egyptian resort were laughing at the tourists warning of shark presence hours before a woman was killed by the beast. Tourists at Egypt's Sahl Hasheesh resort told guards that there are sharks just 15 minutes before Austrian woman Elizabeth was attacked and killed by the shark.

The lifeguards were not serious about the warning as they ignored the threats and didn't ask tourists to leave the water, according to a report.

Shark attack onlookers
Tourists watch as an Austrian woman was fatally attacked by a shark at Egypt's Sahl Hasheesh resort Twitter

Tourists Saw A Shark 15 Minutes Before The Attack

"English-speaking people standing at the pier saw a shark 15 minutes before the attack and warned the lifeguards. But they laughed at them, saying there are no sharks in Sahl Hasheesh and never have been," read a post shared on an online chat site for Russian tourists, according to The Sun.

Shark attack onlookers
Other tourists watched in shock as the shark bit off a woman's arm and leg and she struggled to make it back to the land Twitter

According to the post, in an effort to escape the shark, two tourists jumped onto the reef top and pleaded for help. But they were told to swim from the place to the pontoon stairway by the lifeguards.

Shark attack
The woman seen trying to swim back to the shore after the shark tore apart one of her legs and arms Twitter

Lifeguards Ignored Warnings

It's claimed that there was no proper system of tourist security as lifeguards were not professional.

"To put it bluntly, everything is Egyptian style. There is no science, no proper system. They just made a lad from Luxor the lifeguard and gave him a whistle," said the post.

An Austrian woman Was Killed In The Shark Attack

The Austrian woman was killed in the shark on Friday at the Sahl Hasheesh, when she went for a swim.

Chilling video footage shows her frantic swim back to shore after "losing an arm and a leg" in the attack at the resort frequented by British tourists. As the woman struggled to find her way back to a pier while wearing a flipper, her blood could be seen in the water. Terrified onlookers tried to distract the animal, but no one jumped in to help her.