Life after death shockproof? Man recalls seeing warm light following near-death experience

life after death

The near-death experience testimonial written by a man named Andrew B on the NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) is now the hottest debating point among spiritualists and extreme Christian believers. As science continues to dismiss the concept of the afterlife, Andrew B strongly argues that life after death is a reality, and he recalled seeing a warm light soon after an NDE when he was just 13.

In 1981, when Andrew was a small boy, he swallowed a bottle cap and was rushed to a nearby hospital. As Andrew started saying Adios to the material world, he apparently saw a warm light that spread all across the hospital ward. However, he soon heard a warm voice which says it is not his time to leave the earth, and he came back to life miraculously.

"Drifting in and out of consciousness, I recall parts of the journey to hospital and being in the hospital entrance or a dark corridor. The next recollection I had was seeing my family around me in a hospital bed in a ward crying. But I wasn't in my body and it felt like I was somewhere behind the bed and above myself. I remember a warm brightness above and around me. Someone was telling me: 'It is not your time yet. You're not ready'," wrote Andrew on the NDERF website.

Andrew added that the warm voice which he heard was from a male. The NDE victim revealed that he could not remember the face of the person who talked to him. Andrew made it clear that his near-death experience was pleasing and was not at all scary.

Andrew revealed that he started believing in God and life after death after this experience.

However, experts argue that the hallucinations and the pleasing feel often experienced by NDE victims is due to the survival technique adopted by the brain to combat the insufficient supply of oxygen.

This article was first published on August 26, 2018