Liberal Double Standards? Melania Trump Unfairly Targeted over Prince Philip Tweet

The former first lady, Melania Trump, took to Twitter pouring her condolences over the death of the Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip but ended up receiving flak by her followers for her choice of words.

Melania was targeted simply for starting her tweet with ''President Trump and I" and the term did not go down with a few people as they called her out for calling her husband 'President Trump', when Biden is now at the White House.

Donald and Melania Trump
Donald Trump and Melania Trump on the South Lawn of the White House on Wednesday, Dec. 23. Twitter

She tweeted, ''President Trump and I extend our deepest condolences to Her Majesty the Queen, the Royal Family, and the people of Great Britain as the world mourns the loss of Prince Philip."

A user immediately commented Melania to use Trump's full accomplishments saying, ''One Term Former Twice Impeached Disgraced Ex President Trump please. Be respectful and use his full title."

Another user began lecturing Menlania by commenting, ''That is kind of you to acknowledge it, but please don't refer to your husband in the present tense as 'President'. It would have been so much better to say 'my husband and I', " while another commented, "President?? Oh right he is the president of disappointment."

Melania Trump's Tapes Leaked by Stephanie Winston
Stephanie Winston leaked secretly recorded tapes of Melania Trump

However, several others came to Melania's defense saying all U.S Presidents, both former and present, refer themselves as President and the title remains the same throughout, even after their death and Melania is right in calling her husband "President Trump" at the start of the tweet.

A user replied to the ones lecturing Melania in the comment section as, ''All presidents, prior or current, keep the title of President!" and another commented, ''He was, and will always be President Trump," while another user said, ''Truly appreciate your words . I miss both of you, Mr. President and beautiful, classy First Lady. You both make us so proud!!"

Also, it is be noted that even comedians from the liberal circles such as John Oliver, Stephen Clobert, Jimmy Kimmel among others refer to Barack Obama as President Obama most of the time even though he left the White House in 2016 but that hardly received any backlash.

Also, Donald Trump took to GAB releasing a statement mourning the loss of Prince Philip and started with, ''The world mourns the passing of Prince Philip, a man who embodied the noble soul and proud spirit of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth."