Leonna Hale: Pregnant Black Woman Was Armed, Waived Gun at Cops: Bodycam Footage Debunks Claims of Hale Being Unarmed

Leonna Hale, a 26-year-old pregnant woman who was shot by cops, was reportedly armed and pointed the weapon at the cops who responded to reports of a carjacking in the Independence Plaza neighbourhood on Friday.

Hale has been charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful use of a weapon, and resisting a lawful detention. Following the shooting was then taken to a hospital with serious injuries. She is in stable condition.

Leonna Hale
Leonna Hale seen running with a weapon in her hand. Twitter

Kansas Police Had Drawn Flak For Shooting at Unarmed Pregnant Woman

Initially there were multiple reports about Hale being unarmed when the police allegedly shot five times at her following a chase. A video showing Hale lying on the ground with blood on her shirt as an officer went in to handcuff her appeared on social media, causing a lot of backlash against the Kansas City Police Department.

The Sun reported that as per the bodycam footage released by the authorities, Hale is seen carrying the weapon and pointing it towards the cop as she tried to flee from the scene.

In a statement, the officials said that the cops responded to a vehicle robbery on the evening of May 27. During the check, a male driver exited the vehicle and escaped. Hale, who was second occupant in the vehicle, went to the rear side of the vehicle after exiting from the passenger side.

Despite the commands, Hale didn't surrender. It was then the cops determined that she was armed. Cops said that she pointed a firearm at them after she exited the car and then they opened fire at her, the outlet reported.

As per the court documents, the body cam footage shows that cops instructed Hale to drop the weapon as she pointed the gun at them . Later they fired three shots at her fearing that Hale might shoot them.

Social Media Lambastes Those Supporting Hale

Social media users blasted those previously supporting Hale and calling her 'unarmed victim.

"After Michael Brown, people should have learned to disregard a certain kind of eye witness entirely. They'll lie - shamelessly. For a woman who is committing armed carjackings while pregnant. Cameras have been a gift to police and unintended self own to activists," tweeted a user.

"Don't know how to do reporting? Let me help... "26yo black female Leonna Hale ARMED CARJACKER SHOT" wrote another user.

"The truth about the shooting of Leonna Hale.. the supposed unarmed black pregnant woman killed by police... video of her and that she had a gun!!.. and..... is still alive! Surprise to all you SJWs, you are wrong.. again," read another tweet.