Lee Seung Gi Opens up About Fate of Vagabond 2 at TWOgether Live Fan Meeting

Lee Seung Gi is back in news with his new show TWOgether with Taiwanese star Jasper Liu, here is what Lee Seung Gi has to say

Lee Seung Gi is trending No 1 on Twitter as Swoon organized a live online fan meeting of the actor along with Jasper Liu to talk about their latest show TWOgether on Netflix. But as comments started pouring in it looked like people were as much interested in knowing about the fate of Vagabond 2 as the new travel show.

Lee Seung Gi was asked if there is any confirmation about the second season of one of the popular action thrillers on Netflix, Vagabond. Fans also wanted to know if they can see Lee Seun Gi and Suzy together soon.

Look at the Ending of Vagabond Season 1: Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi
Lee Seung Gi attended online fan meeting with Taiwanese star Japser Liu and spoke about Vagabond 2. Instagram

Reacting to the same, Seung Gi told everyone to look at the ending of the first series of Vagabond. He himself agreed that there is no way story just ended there without season 2. But this was his personal opinion as noting has been officially confirmed yet in this regard.

Speaking further about Vagabond 2, Seung Gi said that it depends on viewers and business matters. Without giving any more hints, Seung Gi said that if the opportunity arises, he would really like to work in season 2 of Vagabond too. "When you watch American dramas, many of them end similarly, leaving with an expression, Huh?," he said. But he didn't clarify further if there are any talks going on about making the second part of the series.

He also elaborately spoke about the making of SBS drama Vagabond. He told that the fight scenes were extremely difficult. But he also said his rewards were also doubled. "It definitely makes a difference, doing it on your own versus using help from a stuntman. It directly affects the number of scenes that you can use on camera. So many people worked hard to make this possible, not just me," he said humbly.

The best thing he learned while shooting for Vagabond was to deliver without being overpowering, like not acting dramatically surprised. "This is an ongoing homework assignment for me, and I tried to improve myself in this production," Seung Gi said.

Vagabond Teaser:

All About TWOgether

TWOgether is the latest Netflix original show starring Korean leading star Lee Seung Gi and Taiwanese top star Jasper Liu's. It is an adventurous travel series. The two travel together despite their language and cultural differences. The top stars will travel different parts of Indonesia, Thailand, and Nepal and surprise their dedicated fans by meeting them in person, in their homes.

TWOgether is all set for worldwide premiere on Netflix on June 26. The Swoon had organized a live fan meet of Seung Gi and Liu at its official YouTube Channel. The live stream was also available for viewing on Netflix Korea's official 'V Live' channel at 8 p.m. KST.