Lee Min Ho shares traumatic experiences while filming DMZ documentary: 'I think I'm going mad'

Min Ho also admitted that he was nervous after reaching the special area, which serves as the border between North and South Korea

Lee Min Ho
Lee Min Ho Reuters

The "City Hunter" actor, Lee Min Ho took on a documentary project, DMZ The Wild, which proved to be a pretty rough assignment for the actor. Following his DMZ experience, he shared what it was like to shoot in the wild. The 29-year old actor didn't shy away from accepting his fears that he had while filming there.

On March 29, during the press conference for the DMZ The Wild documentary, the "Legend of the Blue Sea" actor revealed that during the filing, he got really scared once, in fact, he was so scared that he couldn't even move from his place. This happened when he saw some wild beasts, for which he was waiting for long. He later laughed at himself for being so scared.

Min Ho also admitted that when he reached the place for the first time, he was very nervous as DMZ is a special area that serves as the border between North Korea and South Korea. However, they also had weird, rather funny, experiences there. The actor got surrounded by a flock of birds befoe making a surprise attack on the actor and even defecated on him. Lee Min Ho laughed it off by saying, "Guess my good looks aren't enough to repel them after all."

According to Allkpop, he was also ambushed by a huge number of seagulls. Lee Min Ho exclaimed, "I can still clearly hear the seagulls' terrifying cries, I think I'm going mad."

He also explained, "It must have been tough even for the baby seagulls. They probably perceived us humans as unwelcomed visitors."

The MBC documentary DMZ The Wild premiered its prologue on April 3 in South Korea.

Here is the short trailer to the upcoming special:

This article was first published on April 4, 2017