Lee Kwang Soo and Song Ji Hyo join 2 new reality shows: Check out clips here!

'Running Man' members, Lee Kwang-soo and Song ji-hyo are going to be joining two new shows, Big Picture and I am Jyo Unnie respectively.

Lee Kwang-soo & Song Ji-hyo
Lee Kwang-soo & Song Ji-hyo. instagram.com/masijacoke850714, instagram.com/my_songjihyo

Two of the most popular and well-loved 'Running Man' members, Lee Kwang-soo and Song ji-hyo are going to be joining two new shows, respectively. Lee Kwang-soo has been guilt-tripped by HaHa and Lee Kwang-soo into joining their reality show 'Big Picture.' Song Ji-hyo, on the other hand, launched her own reality program called 'I am Jyo Unnie.'

As noted by website Soompi, Lee Kwang-soo was a guest on the December 5 episode of HaHa and Kim Jong-kook's reality programme 'Big Picture.' The two 'Running Man' brothers had been trying for some time to rope-in Lee Kwang-soo for their show. On December 4, HaHa had even offered Kwang-soo to become the investor for 'Big Picture.' They failed then, but their persistent pestering has finally succeeded.

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HaHa and Kim Jong-kook tried to guilt-trip Lee Kwang-soo by reminding him of a past incident, when nothing else worked. On December 5, HaHa asked Kwang-soo to be a part of the second season of 'Big Picture.' Lee Kwang-soo simply responded, "I don't want to." HaHa then tried differently; making him feel uncomfortable. He asked, "Why don't you want to? Please give our viewers an explanation."

HaHa also said he'll pay Kwang-soo the same as he was going to get for his new Netflix variety programme called 'The Culprit is You.' Yoo jae-suk also stars in the same show. HaHa then offered Kwang-soo the role of a producer on the show, saying, "You can be the youngest celebrity ever to become a variety producer."

He then proceeded with tempting Kwang-soo further by saying, "Just know that this is not a variety show," and added, "This is the story of our growth. This is a show made specifically for Lee Kwang-soo."

Kim Jong-kook wanted to add some muscle to HaHa's words and told Kwang-soo, "We won't follow a script. We can do anything we want, so we'll match the show to everything that you want to do." Unmoved still, Lee Kwang-soo told them, "But I don't want to do [the show]."

Further, HaHa asked Kwang-soo, "Remember that magazine photo shoot at an overseas location?" adding, "The date was set for it and everything, but it fell through." Kim Jong-kook revealed the reason. "Because you backed out," Jong-kook said, adding, "So we suffered some losses because of that."

Lee Kwang-soo was taken aback and began apologizing for his actions but Jong-kook continued, "And there was that time that we said we were going to the swimming pool together, so we were waiting for you. But then you drank too much and we couldn't get into contact with you, so the entire staff was waiting around and then had to go home."

Then Jong-kook asked Kwang-soo, "How much less do you like us compared to Netflix?" Kwang-soo declared out of sheer frustration that he is agreeing to appear in 10 episodes of 'Big Picture.' He did reveal his displeasure with the decision later and said, "If I had exactly one opportunity throughout my whole life to turn back time, I would choose today. Really. I've never regretted anything more in my life. I think I was possessed."

Watch a hilarious clip from the episode below.

As for Song Ji-hyo, Soompi noted that as per a statement released by the actress's agency MY Company, she will be part of a new reality programme. The statement read, "Song Ji Hyo will be launching the reality program 'I am Jyo Unnie' through the agency's official V Live channel 'MY TV' on December 6 at 11 a.m."

Song Ji-hyo's fans affectionately call her "Jihyo Unnie," which is what the show is referring to. The program is produced by the actress herself and is for her fans. She is said to be heavily involved in the creative and other aspects of the production.

'I am Jyo Unnie' will feature behind-the-scenes moments from Song Ji-hyo's recent business trip to Jakarta in September this year. Song Ji-hyo attended the 2017 Jakarta Hallyu Exhibition, as a promotional ambassador from South Korea.

Watch the first episode of 'I am Jyo Unnie' below.

This article was first published on December 6, 2017