Lee Kwang Soo on Running Man: 'It has become a part of my life'

Lee Kwang Soo is a permanent member of Running Man.

Lee Kwang Soo
Lee Kwang Soo is on his seventh year on Running Man Facebook/Leekwangsoo

South Korean actor and entertainer Lee Kwang Soo is well known as the cast member of the variety show, Running Man. The 31-year-old actor is now gearing up to celebrate his seventh year on the show.

During an interview with High Cut, Song Joong Ki's best friend talked about being on the show. He said: "It takes about a day to film every week, but it has become a part of my life. It's the equivalent of waking up in the morning and drinking water. It just feels natural."

Kwang Soo continued: "The show has brought me to where I am now. Seeing the members once a week feels so good."

Recently, Gary had bid goodbye to Running Man. Gary had previously met up with 1,000 fans in Taiwan during a fan meeting organized by the Korean Tourism Organization. During the event, he spoke about his feelings regarding his departure from the SBS variety show.

He said: "My heart is sorry that I could not be with the 'Running Man' members until the end. Although I've left the program, I did my best on the show. It hasn't been long since I've left the show so I don't quite feel it yet, but next week when the time comes around that I'm usually filming, I think I will feel empty."