Lee Jong Suk to show off bromance with Yun Kyung Sang on 'Three Meals a Day'?

Lee Jong-suk and Yun Kyung-sang had acted together in 2015 SBS drama 'Pinocchio.'

Yoon Kyung-sang, Lee Sung-kyung, Lee Jong-suk
Actor Yoon Kyung-sang (left) and Lee Jong-suk (right) with Lee Sung-kyung (centre), during the Chuseok holiday in 2016. instagram.com/jongsuk0206

It's the first time in almost four years time that South Korean actor Lee Jong-suk will be seen appearing in a variety show; one which includes his close friend and past co-star Yun Kyung-sang. The question is, whether fans of the two will be treated to a bromance between the two.

As noted by website Soompi, it was revealed on September 5 that Lee Jong-suk was reuniting with a best friend of his on tvN's variety programme 'Three Meals a Day.' A source from YG Entertainment, the actor's agency, revealed Lee Jong-suk had already recorded his special appearance for the "Seaside Ranch" special of the variety show. The actor had filmed his part at Deukryang Island and returned yesterday on September 4.

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Yoon Kyung-sang is a regular cast member on 'Three Meals a Day.' He had played a supporting role in the 2015 SBS drama 'Pinocchio,' which had Lee Jong-suk in the main cast, along with Park Shin-hye, Kim Young-kwang, Lee Yoo-bi and Lee Phil-mo.

As noted by Soompi, talking about friend Lee Jong-suk in an interview on February 5, Yun Kyung-sang had said, "He's a close friend as well as a senior [in terms of acting]," and added, "We're both homebodies. Whenever we meet, we hang out at home. We talk about our projects." During the Chuseok holiday last year, Jong-suk and Kyung-sang got together with actress Lee Sung-kyung to study scripts for their upcoming projects and posted videos on instagram.

While Lee Jong-suk tries to record the video, Yun Kyung-sang and Lee Sung-kyung are seen making faces in the background and striking poses before starting to pretend-punch each other. Back then, Lee Jong Suk had appeared in MBC's 'W,' and Yoon Kyun Sang and Lee Sung Kyung had starred together in SBS drama 'Doctors.'

As noted by Soompi, it has been about three years and eight months since Lee Jong-suk last appeared on a variety show and that was an episode of SBS's 'Running Man,' in January of 2014. So, it'll be interesting having him back on the small screen once again.

As of now, Lee Jong-suk's military enlistment has been delayed a bit to allow him to promote his recently released movie 'V.I.P' and also his upcoming television drama with Suzy Bae, 'While You Were Sleeping.'

The 'Three Meals a Day' episode featuring Lee Jong-suk is set to air this month.

This article was first published on September 5, 2017