Lee Dong Wook talks to fans in Indonesian language at Jakarta [VIDEO]

The Goblin actor was holding a fan meet in Indonesia.

Lee Dong-wook
Actor Lee Dong-wook. instagram.com/leedongwook_official

'Goblin' actor Lee Dong-wook was in Jakarta to entertain fans as part of his Asia tour 'For My Dear.' During the event he even asked a fan to come up on stage and have a date with him. The actor also tried to speak Indonesian.

As noted by Koreaboo, actor Lee Dong-wook was holding a fan meeting at jakarta and as usual he completely held his fans enthralled with his presence and energy on stage. He was also a good sport and attempted to speak a few Indonesian words and short sentences. He was helped by a translator.

Every Indonesian word he uttered was met with maddening applause from fans.Of course he didn't know the language much but the 'Goblin' actor never let that fact get in the way of his confidence.

In the same fan meet, as was noted by Soompi earlier, Lee Dong-wook called a fan up to the stage to have a date with him. This happened after all those present at the gathering, including the actor, were treated to a fan-made parody video of various scenes from 'Goblin' that had originally featured Dong-wook as the Grim Reaper and the Goryeo king Wang Yeo.

The parody video had everyone in splits. Lee Dong-wook was so impressed by the fan's home-made effort and called her up on the stage to have a "date" with him. He asked her about her life and how she had created the parody video.

Dong-wook also reminisced about his first official visit to Jakarta in 2007 for promoting the 2005 television drama 'My Girl.' He shared a few photos from that event as well, for the fans.

Talking about 'Goblin,' the actor said he had no idea that the supernatural romance drama would be so incredibly successful or that people wold become so obsessed with it, until it had ended its run on television. He also revealed that the 'Goblin' cast members regularly keep in touch with each other.

Though Lee Dong-wook hasn't yet committed to a new project, fans of his Grim Reaper character can take a look at a new drama featuring the angel of death, called 'Black.' The Grim Reaper-centred drama is being produced by OCN channel.

As noted by Soompi, 'Black' deals with a grim reaper, who borrows a human body and eventually falls in love with a woman. However, by falling in love he breaks the divine rules of a Grim Reaper, just like in 'Goblin' and as punishment, he gets erased from everyone's memories. The drama will be styled as a thriller.

This article was first published on May 30, 2017