Lebanon Can 'Lose Control' of the Coronavirus Outbreak: PM Diab

Lebanon has confirmed 525 new cases of the deadly coronavirus infections and 12 more deaths on Tuesday

The caretaker Prime Minister of Lebanon, Hassan Diab mentioned on Wednesday that the nation was at risk of losing control over the nation's coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak following a rise in the number of cases after a massive explosion in Beirut on August 4.

"The number of cases is increasing greatly, and if this continues, we will lose control of this epidemic," Diab was cited as mentioning in a statement issued by the Supreme Defence Council.

Lebanon COVID-19 Crisis

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Lebanon registered 525 new COVID-19 infections and 12 deaths on Tuesday. The country experienced a spike in infections following the catastrophic explosion in the capital city at the start of the month. Cases doubled in the two weeks following the blast, as infections spread in hospitals where victims were being treated, medics say.

The government imposed a partial lockdown last Friday to help combat community spread. But the shutdown, which includes a curfew from 6 pm to 6 am, still allows for clearing rubble, making repairs and giving out aid in neighborhoods damaged by the explosion. The airport will remain open, with travelers having to take PCR tests before boarding and on arriving in the country.

The health minister for Lebanon's caretaker government, Hamad Hassan, who also spoke to the Council, said the tally of coronavirus cases was concerning. Hassan added that hospital capacity needed to be increased to help combat the spike in cases, the official said.

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