At least 6 dead, 5 in serious condition after hotel housing Coronavirus patients collapses in China

  • The owner of the hotel is in police custody

  • 71 people were in the building when it collapsed while dozens of people are still being rescued wheras nine of them escaped immediately

At least six people have been found dead until now due to five-storey building hotel collapse that happened on Saturday night in Southeastern China, which was housing coronavirus patients.

There were 80 people inside the Xinjia Express Hotel when it came down. Out of which nine escaped immediately and 71 people were trapped inside. At least 43 people have been rescued till now with five in critical condition. Reason behind the collapse is not out yet.


Several videos are going viral on Twitter where one video showed the entire hotel getting collapsed within seconds.

About the Hotel

The hotel was being used as a hospital for quarantined suspects for COVID-19 patients. There were 80 rooms in the hotel that fell down around 7 pm in Quanzhou. Quanzhou is a port city on the Taiwan Strait in the province of Fujian with a population of more than eight million.

The first floor of the hotel was under renovation. Workers called the owner of the hotel immediately after the building collapsed. According to the state news agency, the owner is in police custody.

Meanwhile, there have been more than 80,000 cases confirmed with around three thousand deaths in China. Also, more than 45,000 patients have been recovered. It was observed by World Health Organization that the number of newly reported cases in mainland China has been declining steeply.

(This is a developing story and will be updated)

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