Lady Gabriella Windsor: Queen Elizabeth II's Cousin Fainted as Her Coffin Arrived at Westminster Hall

A staff worker can be seen in a video rushing to help, and Kingston can be seen turning around to assist his wife.

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Lady Gabriella Windsor appeared to collapse as the Queen's coffin arrived at Westminster Hall from Buckingham Palace on Wednesday ahead of her funeral next week. There appeared to be some commotion as the Queen's coffin was being carried into Westminster Hall from behind, where some members of the Queen's family were gathered to watch the procession.

Moments later it was revealed that Lady Gabriella may have fainted as a member of the staff was seen rushing over to assist her husband Thomas Kingston who was already helping his wife. Photos taken later in the service show her missing from the lineup even though Lady Gabriella was able to leave the Hall arm in arm with her husband.

Shocked Beyond Description

Lady Gabriella Windsor
Lady Gabriella Windsor can be seen missing from the line after she collapsed Twitter

Lady Gabriella, the daughter of Prince Michael of Kent, the Queen's cousin, attended the intimate service with her parents and husband, Thomas Kingston. She was standing in line with other members of the Royal Family as the Queen's casket was being taken inside.

However, a little while later there was a little commotion, and according to Hello, Lady Gabriella Windsor might have fainted. A staff worker can be seen in a video rushing to help, and Kingston can be seen turning around to assist his wife.

Lady Gabriella Windsor
Lady Gabriella Windsor at teh Queen's service at Westminster Hall before she fained Twitter

Princess Michael of Kent glanced over, her expression suggesting anxiety. Sophie Winkleman and her husband Lord Frederick Windsor appeared anxious next to her.

The incident happened just at the time the Queen's coffin arrived at the Hall. Everyone stood in line in silence as the casket moved in. Suddenly a commotion behind could also be seen. It seemed that several family members, notably Lord Frederick, the brother of Lady Gabriella, and Sophie Winkleman, were interested in something that was happening later on.

While Thomas appeared to be kneeling down and combing his hair away from his face, the duo could be seen staring down the line with what appeared to be anxiety.

Lady Amelia was also spotted looking rearward from the line-up, while Lord George Windsor and Columbus George Donald Taylor could be observed looking down towards the ground with apparent anxiety.

Lady Gabriella was not seen again during the proceedings following the collapse. Although she was missing from a picture of the entire royal family, it appears she quickly recovered because her husband, mother, brother, and sister-in-law all attended the funeral service.

Emotional Moment

Despite Lady Gabriella passing out, the service went on as usual at Westminster Hall as members of the royal family arrived to pay their respects as the Queen began to lie in state.

Queen arrives
Queen's coffin arrives at Westminster Hall Twitter

Lady Gabriella was quite close to the Queen and it is believed that she fainted in shock seeing the coffin. Queen Elizabeth II attended the royal's wedding to Thomas in 2019, where a particular moment between them was captured and instantly went viral on social media.

The royal and the monarch had a close friendship. In the touching photo posted on Instagram by the Prince Dimitri Jewellery page at that time, Gabriella could be seen stooping and holding the Queen's hand as they conversed. The Queen, wearing a pink coat and cap, was grinning at the newlyweds.

Lady Gabriella Windsor
Lady Gabriella Windsor with her husband Twitter

Although Lady Gabriella's attendance at other events throughout the course of the coming week is unknown, it seems likely that she will join other members of the royal family during the funeral on Monday.

The late monarch's extended family members have consistently demonstrated their unshakable support for her and have attended numerous occasions, including the service of Thanksgiving held in her honor in June during her Platinum Jubilee festivities.

Lady Gabriella Windsor
Lady Gabriella Windsor Twitter

Prince Michael of Kent, the Duke of Kent, and the Duchess of Gloucester, all distant relatives of the Queen, were seen in attendance. Younger royals, such as sisters Lady Amelia and Marina Windsor, as well as Flora Vesterberg, lined up with their families to attend the celebration.

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