Is Kris Wu a Womaniser? The Former EXO Member Allegedly Cheats on College Student; Linked Up with 3 Women in a Week

Former EXO member Kris Wu is facing allegations of dating and cheating multiple women. Thus giving an impression to the netizens that he is a womaniser.

Is former EXO member Kris Wu a Womaniser?
Kris Wu. Kris Wu Instagram

Rumours of his affairs used to hit the gossip columns earlier, but this time, there are some strong allegations against him. In a matter of a week, the Chinese-Canadian is not linked up with one, but three women.

Kris Spotted with Chen Ziyi
It all started with the rumours of Kris Wu booking a cinema hall for a date with an influencer Chen Ziyi. A video doing rounds on social media apparently showed him entering the theatre with the said woman.

However, his agency denied the rumours stating that Kris Wu had gone to the theatre with his friends. The friends had visited the hall one after the other which paved the way for those speculations.

The agency further stated that the CCTV footage in which he and his rumoured girlfriend were seen entering and exiting together was manipulated. It warned people behind the rumours and video of taking legal action.

Cheating Allegations
Days later, another rumour surfaced stating that he had cheated on another girl, an 18-year old college student, a non-celebrity. A friend of the alleged girl took Weibo to make serious allegations of playing with the victim's life.

In a detailed post, the person alleged that the victim did not speak up about the relationship fearing that it would affect the former EXO member's career. She was depressed after he disappeared in April 2021. He also shared screenshots of their conversation.

The following words may arouse many people's doubts and abuse, but I decided to post this on Weibo to make netizens and fans aware of Mr. Wu Yifan's scumbag behaviour. Secondly, I'm posting this also because I want to voice out for my best friend @都美竹. She is a girl who likes to keep everything bottled up and I am the only one she talked to about being together with Wu, because she was afraid of affecting Wu Yifan's career development, and she never thought about using this to get clout. She just wanted to have a normal relationship, but didn't expect Wu Yifan to disappear suddenly in April. Dudu (T/N: The friend's nickname) was depressed for a long time after being ghosted and did not have the mood to go to school... She has been a sensible and well-behaved girl since she was in elementary school, yet Mr. Wu Yifan has hurt her like this... Take a look at the pictures

Later in the day, the victim herself opened up about the issue on social media and stated that he cheated on her. She stated that she had no interest in getting popular and wants to lead a normal life.

Last but not the least, the Chinese-Canadian actor was linked up with another influencer Xiang Yunjie, but she denied the rumours. She stated that they were friends. "In my opinion, (Wu) is just someone looking for love. There is no right or wrong in relationships," the influencer is quoted as saying by Hype My.