Kobe Bryant's helicopter crash site pictures and videos trends online as hoax clip gets caught

A hoax video of a UAE flight crash made rounds announcing Bryant's death

After the crash, on Sunday that killed nine including the legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant, a Los Angeles County Fire Department helicopter was seen flying towards the site through the thick plumes of smoke.

The wreckage is in a risky place amid thick fog in the hills above Calabasas. The Sikorsky S-76 crash-landed at the site late on Sunday causing heavy smoke from the fire it caused in the nearby region. The blaze made it difficult for the team of firefighters and other officials to investigate the crash site.

Multiple footages were released showing the site

Kobe Bryant's crashed helicopter in Cali
The helicopter crashed in a region which was difficult to access. YouTube Grab

Video footage released by a channel showed the thick smoke coming from the site. Bryant was in the copter with his daughter and seven other people. Questions about why the helicopter took flight during the fog are one of the aspects of investigations that are being analyzed.

At the same time, there were several other videos that made the rounds showing a crash. It is believed that the footage was taken from a crash a few years back in the Emirates. Fans were feeling the pain of losing their hero when the hoax video started to make the rounds and the netizens were left baffled.

Along with Bryant and his daughter, the victims of the crash were John Altobelli, the head baseball coach at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California; his wife, Keri; and their daughter Alyssa, Payton Chester, a 13-year-old basketball player, and her mother Sarah.

The names weren't released initially until confirmation from the investigations came through. The 41-year-old NBA MVP was remembered by celebrities and fans with everyone reflecting on his career achievements. Bryant's daughter was also following her father's footsteps before the fatal accident.