Kingdom: Legendary War Episode 5: Why Does Stray Kids I.N Cry After The Performance? [Watch Video]

Catch the glimpses of Stray Kids choosing and performing BTOB's 'I'll Be Your Man' in episode 5 of 'Kingdom: Legendary War.'

One of the most popular dance shows, Mnet's Kingdom: Legendary War is all set to air episode 5. In the second round of the show, three remaining groups ATEEZ, BTOB and Stray Kids will sizzle the stage with their performances reflecting the theme 'Re-Born'.

ATEEZ will perform for iKON's Rhythm Ta. BTOB will perform to Stray Kids' song Back Door and Stray Kids have chosen BTOB's I'll Be Your Man. A video of how and why Stray Kids chose I'll be Your Man has been released. But the video shows Stray Kids' I.N. crying after the mic was detached following the performance. Here is what happened.

IN Stray Kids
I.N. of Stray Kids after performing I'll Be Your Man at Kingdom: Legendary War show. Youtube Screengrab

MOVIE VS I'll Be Your Man

Stray Kids got together to choose a song for their performance. They can be seen watching BTOB's performances when Lee Know comes up with a suggestion, MOVIE. Stray Kids really enjoy watching the performance and Changbin approves it and says "I love it so much," and Han is heard saying "I love you!" while Seungmin says "We have to enjoy the stage like that."

But then, Han suddenly mentions I'll Be Your Man. To this, Bang Chan says the team surely can show a different side of themselves if they perform I'll Be Your Man. The team then decides that this song can highlight both their vocals and rapping. But I.N says that he wants to make it an emotionally-loaded performance. Thus the team selects I'll Be Your Man.

The video also shows dressed up Stray Kids members going on the stage. But after the performance, I.N. is seen shedding tears. To know whether those were the tears of joy or sadness, one will have to watch episode 5. This episode will be streamed on Mnet at 7.50 PM KST on April 29.

To give you a preview, let us see what happened in Kingdom: Legendary War Episode 4. SF9 gave a cinematic performance of THE BOYZ's The Stealer. THE BOYZ performed to SF9's O Sole Mio. iKON presented a spinoff of ATEEZ's Inception. As per ranks declared after counting the fan votes [Round 1], ATEEZ was in the No 1 spot in Expert Panel Evaluations and Voting by the Competing Groups, which amounts to 25 percent each of total result. Whereas, Stray Kids topped the list in the categories Video View Count (10 percent) and Voting by Domestic and Global Fans (40 percent).