The King: Eternal Monarch spoilers; 8 characters who may play big in episode 9

The King: Eternal Monarch is likely to reveal a lot to the viewers in episode 9 and here is a list of eight characters who could play bigger roles this week

The King: Eternal Monarch episode 9 will air on SBS this Friday, May 15, at 10 pm KST and it will take the viewers on a roller-coaster ride. Emperor Lee Gon and Detective Jung Tae Eul will be doing their best to stop Lee Lim from continuing his evil activities. In the meantime, Kang Shin Jae will try to find out who brought him to the Republic of Korea and why.

The upcoming episode of this fantasy thriller will also feature more deaths and the evil moves of Lee Lim as he tries to strengthen his force in both the worlds. Other characters who could play a bigger role in this episode are Prime Minister Koo Seo Ryung, her mother Kim Seong Ae, the King's childhood friend Jo Young and Lee Lim's right-hand man Yoo Kyung Moo.

So, let's find out how these characters are going to keep viewers hooked to screens this week:

  • Emperor Lee Gon and Detective Jung Tae Eul - These two characters have been loved by the followers of this SBS fantasy thriller because of their onscreen chemistry with each other. This week, the couple will have a more interesting role to play as they decide to stand for one another in difficult times. In episode 9, the viewers can also expect to see them enjoy another date in a beautiful place.
  • Kang Shin Jae – In the shocking cliffhanger of episode 8, it was revealed that this detective was brought to the Republic of Korea by someone from the Kingdom of Corea. The King: Eternal Monarch fans are now curious to know why was he brought to this world at a young age and what happened to his doppelganger. The viewers are likely to get the answers to all their questions in episode 9 as the detective tries to find out more details about his past.
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  • Lee Lim - The royal traitor who killed the father of Emperor Lee Gon has been an interesting character since the premiere of this mini-series. Apart from being a power-thirsty Prince, he has always been good at targeting weak people. For the past 24 years, he has been working hard to create a strong army against his nephew and the current ruler of the Kingdom of Corea. It is worth noting that he has been successful in this mission to a certain extent. So, it will be really interesting to watch him start making his final moves this week.
  • Prime Minister Koo Seo Ryeong and her mother Kim Seong Ae – The powerful lady from the Kingdom of Corea now knows about the existence of her doppelganger. But she has no idea about how to trace this person. In the ninth episode, she may use all her powers to find out more about this person and could even try to get rid of that woman. Meanwhile, her mother might go through a lot of challenges because of Lee Lim. It remains to be seen if she will share the secret with anybody in her friend's circle.
  • Jo Young – The childhood friend and the most trusted bodyguard of Emperor Lee Gon is sure to surprise the viewers by displaying the softer side of his personality this week. He has always been a very loyal security person with a serious personality and a lot of attitude. The viewers noticed a change in character for him after he met Myung Na Ri in the Republic of Korea last week. New details about their budding romance could be revealed in the upcoming episode of this fantasy thriller.
  • Yoo Kyung Moo – Prince Imperial Geum a.k.a Lee Lim's right-hand man, Yoo Kyung Moo, has been too busy lately. Meeting a lot of new people and offering them a better life in another world has always kept him busy and now, he is being assigned to a new job. He will have to trace criminal Luna and try to convince her to join the team. The viewers will get to know more about this deal in episode 9.