Kim Tae Hee Sells Off her Expensive Gangnam Property: Here's How Much She Made from the Building

Seven years after purchasing one of the expensive properties in Gangnam, Kim Tae Hee has sold the building despite the slumped real-estate market due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The actress had bought the property in 2014 for 132 billion KRW ($118,310,843 USD).

Kim Tae Hee
Kim Tae Hee. Instagram

It is located in a prime location. She had paid 4.6 billion KRW in loan and the rest in cash. It is a 403-square meter property constructed in 2011.

Going by the reports, the building has six ground floors with three basement floors. It is predicted that she used to approximately earn 10 billion KRW ($8,962,982 USD) annually in rent from the tenants apart from getting 1 billion KRW won in deposits from the tenants. However, the actress had reportedly reduced the rents by half due to the pandemic, last year.

The latest reports say that she sold it in March 2021 for 203 billion KRW ($181,947,742 USD). It means she has made a profit of 71 billion KRW ($63,636,895 USD). Her decision to sell the building when the market is down has taken the real-estate observers by a surprise.

Apart from this building, Kim Tae Hee owns a US$5.1 million villa in Seoul's Hannam district and has properties worth US$17.1 million across the country.

Kim Tae Hee and her husband Rain are considered as one of the richest couples in Korean entertainment industry. The worth of their combined properties is estimated to be US$73.4 million, say reports.

Kim Tae Hee Remuneration
The actress earns a lot of money from acting in TV series and films. Going by the reports, she is the sixth highly-paid actress in the South Korean entertainment industry. Her years of hard work have helped her to command good paychecks.

Today, she reportedly gets $34,000 per episode of TV series. After delivering her second baby, she made her comeback with a bang with Hi Bye, Mama (2020).