Kim Kardashian escapes wardrobe malfunction with this risky expose dress

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian Instagram

At the recently held The Hollywood Beauty Awards, Kim Kardashian showed up wearing a bizarre dress that so many people could not fathom the weird fashion sense that the TV reality star eluded with so much confidence.

The bizarre dress exposed her breasts and there was literally nothing that hid her chest as she stepped out in Los Angeles.

Kim Kardashian was present at the award as a presenter and where she presented the gong award to her friend Chris Appleton. The model took to Instagram and Twitter to show her latest fashion outcome and fans were pretty confused about what to say.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian YouTube grab

While some praised her guts, others were not quite impressed with the fashionista's fashion sense.

One user went, "I LOVE U, QUEEN!"

While another one joked that, "This looks like me when I put my sports bra backwards."

Some even prepared for a disaster about to happen, with one user commenting that "This is a nip slip waiting to happen."

Another user pointed out, "Beautiful dress, wrong boobs."

Kim's latest outing comes amid allegations from the fashion world that she has gone under the knife to accentuate her curves and that she has 'definitely' has had a nose job.

But Kardashian has been repeatedly denying all these allegations. She has denied the fact that she did a rhinoplasty, instead, she has stressed that her curves have emerged ever since she gave birth to North and Saint.

"Everyone thought I did, and I said, 'Wait until I have kids because your real features come out'," Kardashian promptly said about her curves.

On Valentine's Day, the TV reality star was blown away by the romantic gesture shown by her husband, Kanye West, who decorated her room with roses. And to make things more romantic, he hired musician Kenny G to perform for her.

But, as far as the looks go, we must put it she has some guts to pull off such a daring dress.