Is Kim Jong-un capable of controlling weather? North Korean media vouches for it

The state media claimed that Kim Jong-un has superpowers after he was photographed at the top of Mount Paektu, an active volcano on the China-North Korea border.

north korea leader kim jong-un

North Korean state media KCNA has taken a leaf straight out of Dan Brown's novel and claims that their Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un has the ability to control the weather and nature.

Kim Jong-un can personally control weather if he wishes, and the Supreme Leader demonstrated this ability when he visited Mouth Paektu a couple of days back, it claimed

The state media eulogized the dictator's superpower after he was photographed on top of Mount Paektu, an active volcano on the China-North Korea border. The state media lauded Kim Jong-un stating that he is a "peerlessly illustrated commander capable of controlling the weather".

The state media continued its outlandish claims about Kim saying that the weather in the mountain turned normal when Kim made his first footstep in the valley. The weather became pretty sunny as Kim started ascending, and the media claimed that it was due to Kim's "magical" presence.

This is not the first time bizarre stories about Kim Jong-un are getting circulated in North Korea. A decade ago, Kim Jong-un's father claimed that his son was born in a secret military base near Mount Paektu, and at that time, nature blessed him as double rainbows appeared in the sky. But records indicate that Kim Jong-un was born in Siberia. It was also claimed that Kim started driving at the age of three, something that was never proved.

It was also reported earlier that Kim's father had peculiar magical abilities which helped him never to use the lavatory in his life.

A couple of years ago, the North Korean state media reported that Kim Jong-un is the think tank behind the development of magical drugs to cure dreaded diseases like AIDS, Ebola, and cancer.