Kim Jong Kook talks 'Big Picture' and not making any profit from his song 'One Man'

Kim Jong-kook and HaHa held a V Live broadcast for fans to talk about their reality show 'Big Picture.'

HaHa and Kim Jong-kook
HaHa and Kim Jong-kook in SBS's 'Running Man.'

'Running Man' brothers Kim Jong-kook and HaHa always have interesting stories to tell that reveal their struggles in life and with their careers. They did just that in a recent V Live broadcast.

As noted by websites Allkpop and Soompi, singers Kim Jong-kook and HaHa held a Naver 'V Live!' broadcast for fans to talk about their new reality programme, 'Big Picture.' Kim Jong-kook also revealed how he did not make any profit from his hit song 'One Man.'

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In the V Live broadcast, Kim Jong-kook and HaHa held a Mukbang and Nupbang. They were seen relaxing with their pillows and blankets, eating comfort foods and even hugging spongy stuffed animal toys. "They say only idols do nupbang. We're idols too," they said.

Mukbang is typically a webcast where a host eats lots of food while interacting with fans, even accepting payments in addition to suggestions as what should the host eat next. While Nupbang is a webcast conducted while the host is lying down. HaHa, didn't like the nupbang idea much and said, "It seems rude to be lying around during a live stream. This doesn't really fit with us, it's not our style. We have neck and back pains."

Regarding their new reality show, 'Big Picture,' the Running Man brothers said, "It's been two weeks since the program aired and many people seem to be interested in the series. We hope that many viewers will continue to help support the show." The two also thanked producing director (PD) Yeo Woon-hyuk and S.M. Entertainment founder Lee Soo-man.

'Big Picture' began airing from September 4. In the show, the duo has to work hard to create an ad agency and subsequently raise enough funds to finance the variety shows they want to produce. It is led by PD Yeo Woon-hyuk that will air new episodes on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays at 6 p.m. KST on Naver TV and V Live.

As for his hit song, "One Man," Kim Jong-kook said, "Before 'One Man' was released, I rested from the scene for a bit. That was when the music [scene] was becoming digitalised, but since I didn't know anything about it and [companies] didn't say anything, I didn't sign any contracts [regarding digital sales]." Despite the immense success of the song, he added, "I didn't even make 10 won (approximately $0.0009) from 'One Man.'"

Even though he didn't make any money off his song, Kim Jong-kook said gained, "a lot of priceless popularity and love." Still, HaHa said and Jong-kook agreed that receiving the profits from his song would have been a better deal for the 42-years-old singer.

This article was first published on September 14, 2017