Kim Ji-won talks kissing Park Seo-joon; congratulates SongSong couple

The actress says she has yet to consider falling in love on set.

KimJi-won and Park Seo-joon
Kim Ji-won and Park Seo-joon in a photo shoot for 'Fight My Way.'

Actress Kim Ji-won, who recently finished the highly successful drama 'Fight My Way,' talked about kissing her co-star, 'Hwarang' actor Park Seo-joon. She also congratulated her 'Descendants of the Sun' co-stars Song Hye-kyo and Song Joong-ki, for their upcoming marriage.

As noted by website Soompi, actress Kim Ji-won sat down for an interview on July 27 to talk about the chemistry between her and Park Seo-joon, which was very palpable. She also talked about kissing Park Seo-joon many times and how that worked out.

"I was very happy [to act with Park Seo-joon]. Since it was the first time I had ever acted with him, I was initially a bit nervous. Plus, I had watched his previous works and was a fan. Even scenes where we just bickered and fought were fun to film," Kim Ji-won said.

Regarding her kissing scenes, she said with a laugh, "[They came out well] because Park Seo Joon is so good at melodramas. I just put my faith in him and followed his lead." They are reportedly very good friends and their comfort level with each other was apparaent in the behind-the-scenes videos, in addition to the drama itself.

The chemistry between Kim Ji-won and Park Seo-joon was perhaps the main reason which kept viewers glued to the drama till the very end. The chief producer of 'Fight My Way' had said earlier, "Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won are actually very close in real life, too. They are taking care of each other and cheering each other on. They are both committed to their characters. They have good chemistry in real life, and they're having a lot of fun while filming."

When asked to compare between her 'Descendants of the Sun' love-interest, Jin Goo, with Park Seo-joon, Kim Ji-won said, "Jin Goo is 12 years older than me so I relied on him a lot and learned a lot from him as his junior in this field. This time, acting with someone closer to my age helped me realise that there is a lot of fun to be had by making something together."

Kim Ji-won also congratulated the SongSong couple for their marriage announcement. Both of them were her co-stars in 'Descendants of the Sun.' She said she found out about the marriage announcement by reading a news article and said, "I was the youngest cast member on that show, and I was so absorbed in my role and duties that I didn't notice that they were dating."

The actress added, "I really want to congratulate them. Meeting someone you love and spending the rest of your life with them is such a happy thought. I am very envious." On the subject finding a life partner on set, she said, "I have yet to even consider falling in love on set, but I guess the possibility is always out there."

Kim Ji-won will next be seen in the 2018 movie 'Detective K: 3,' which is the third part of a successful South Korean period comedy and adventure series that began with 2011's 'Detective K: Secret of the Virtuous Widow.'

This article was first published on July 27, 2017