Kevin Spacey may star in Russian or European movies amid sexual allegations


A judge has recently denied Kevin Spacey's request to skip the court date, but apparently, something good may come for Spacey in the months to come. As per the latest report, the House of Cards star is still getting acting offers, weeks after getting charged over allegations of sexually abusing an 18-year-old boy.

As per a report by The Post, an unnamed colleague of Kevin Spacey has stated that the American Beauty movie star is reportedly planning to make his Hollywood comeback.

"He is still getting acting offers from Europe and Russia," the colleague said. "He's just assumed he can come back (to American films) in a few years."

Before finding himself under sexual allegation cases, Kevin Spacey had some interesting projects lined-up. Apart from his acclaimed portrayal of Frank Underwood for Netflix's House of Cards, he was all set to play author Gore Vidal in Netflix original biopic movie, Gore, which was set to begin production in Italy. After the allegations surfaced, Netflix reportedly decided to shelve the project.

At the same time, there were reports that canceling Kevin Spacey's Gore movie reportedly cost Netflix a whopping $39 million. As Netflix claimed that they had an unexpected charge for some unreleased content they as they have decided not to move forward with it.

Netflix also had to make several changes in House of Cards. The acclaimed political thriller TV show's season six's production had to be suspended for some time and a statement from Netflix stated that the temporary suspension has given them some time to review the situation. It was later revealed that Netflix has decided to go on without Kevin Spacey.

The Academy Award-winning actor has recently shared an unofficial short film, in the continuation of the House of Cards titled Let Me Be Frank on his YouTube channel. As of this writing, the video has been viewed over 9.4 million times. In the video, Spacey portrayed himself as Frank Underwood and denied the allegation.

In addition to this, James Cox's Billionaire Boys Club also suffered after Kevin Spacey's name started to trend because of all the wrong reasons. The movie suffered badly because of all the allegations against Spacey. As earlier reported, the North American opening weekend box office take was of only $618 at domestic total was of $1,349 only.

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