Kevin Smith says his perspective on life changed post heart attack

Filmmaker Kevin Smith, who suffered from a massive heart attack in February said that he doesn't care if people judge him

'Jay and Silent Bob Reboot' filmmaker Kevin Smith, who had a massive heart attack in the month of February in 2018 in an interview said that he doesn't care if anyone judges him. The filmmaker said that he has stopped caring what people think about him or his work after having a brush with death. The 49-year-old filmmaker said that his health scare experience enabled him to pour his heart onto the sequel of his 2001 film.

According to Yahoo Movies UK, the filmmaker said, "We were able to lean into the emotional aspects of the movie because after the heart attack, I didn't care anymore if anyone judges me. I almost died, I'm living on borrowed time, I've tried to act accordingly because I'm hyper-aware of that. So yeah I'm gonna make a movie that memorialises me."

Smith also said that he has made this film only for his fans and to draw new crowds. The director feels the film has to be culturally accepted considering the impact of Marvel on modern cinema. Kevin Smith highlighted that he could add more personal elements to the movie. He said that the team had tried to make an entertaining film for the viewers, however, he didn't feel like checking every box.


Smith suffered a massive heart attack in February

Also, Smith said that this film is least user-friendly and in order to understand the gist and enjoy the film, one has to watch 10-20 films before watching it. He also compared Endgame to his film 'Jay and Silent Bob Reboot'.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot released on November 29

Meanwhile, the story of the film revolves around the title characters, who in an attempt to stop a movie reboot travels to Hollywood. On the way, they come across Jay's ex-girlfriend Justice (Shannon Elizabeth) where Jay learns that he has a daughter he never knew of.

His daughter, the role played by Smith's real-life daughter Harley Quinn Smith at knife-point forces Jay and Silent Bob to take her and her three friends to Hollywood to become an extra cast in the movie. The film was set for release on November 29, 2019.