KCON: TACT 2020 date, venue, live stream details and more

From date and venue to special events and live stream details, here is everything to know about the annual music festival called KCON: TACT 2020.

For the first time in the history of KCON, the annual music festival is adapting a new format and a new name for the event. This year, the festival will be called KCON: TACT 2020 and it will be a complete online event of seven days. The event will include live online performances of popular K-pop artists, meet and greet sessions, live video chats and more.

This annual music festival was created and organised by CJ E&M in 2012 and the inaugural program was held in California with live onstage performances from K-pop artists, like B.A.P, VIXX, EXO-M and NU'EST. In the following years, the events were held in Los Angeles, featuring performances of Eric Nam, CNBLUE, f (x), G-Dragoon and Girls' Generation among others.

From 2015, the music festival was introduced to other parts of the world, including Japan, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, France, Mexico, Australia and Thailand. This year, the organisers were planning to focus on Japan, Russia and the US. But the events were either postponed or cancelled due to the increasing concerns about the spread of the coronavirus and the work shutdown followed by it.

The KCON 2020 Japan, which was scheduled to be held in April, and the KCON 2020 Russia that was scheduled to take place in May were postponed by the organisers in March. Another major event that was scheduled for this year was KCON 2020 New York. The event was scheduled to be held in June and the organisers cancelled it considering the current situation.

When and where to watch KCON: TACT 2020


But K-pop fans around the world do not have to be disappointed as CJ E&M has come up with a new format for the annual music festival this year. The KCON: TACT 2020 will be held as a seven-day live event that will feature live online performances of popular K-pop artists and it will include pre-taped content of famous Korean music icons.

The KCON:TACT 2020 Summer online event will be held between June 20 and 26. It will include, live video chats, online polls, meet and greet sessions as well as influencer-led panels of nearly 30 artists. The annual event will be broadcast live on Mnet's official YouTube channel from the Mnet's studio in Seoul.