Kate Middleton and Prince William's plane faces deadly storm, forced to turn around and land in Lahore

Imran Khan Prince William Kate Middleton
Twitter / Govt of Pakistan

As terrifying as it might sound, the plane carrying Kate Middleton and Prince William from the Lahore airport to a Islamabad, which is just 25 minutes away faced a deadly storm and was in the air for close to two hours, as the concerned pilots took a detour and landed the plane back safely at the Lahore airport again and could not land in Islamabad.

The electrical storm was so high and terrifying that the pilots faced difficulty to land it at the Pakistani Royal Air Force base in Islamabad, which was the destination.

Thankfully, Prince William and Kate Middleton along with the Royal Press Corps reporters and other passengers and crew landed safely and no one suffered from any harm or injury and are waiting for the storm to pass.

Prince William Kate Middleton Plane Pakistan
Instagram grab/ Katie Hopkins

Simon Perry, a correspondent of People Magazine was on the plane and tweeted, ''Phew. Landed! But in Lahore. A terrifying electrical storm hit as we tried to land at Islamabad. Lightning seemed to be crashing around the right wing. Despite the best efforts of the pilot of William and Kate's RAF Voyager plane we couldn't couldn't land there.''

ITV News Royal Editor, Chris Ship who was in the plane tweeted, ''The @royalairforce plane carrying Prince William & Kate just had to abort its landing in Islamabad in a fierce storm. After much shaking around in the air, the RAF Voyager used for #royalvisitPakistan turned around and has just landed back in Lahore (where we started)''

He sent out another tweet saying, ''If I'm honest ... that was the most nervous I've ever felt in a plane. #RoyalVisitPakistan.''

Chris Shrip confirmed that despite the Royal Press Corps and other passengers were shaken, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry are fine. ''Prince William (a pilot) just joked that *he was fine. Even if the rest of the plane and royal press corps were looking a little shaken #RoyalVisitPakistan.''

He also posted a picture of the plane which just landed in the tarmac, ''Back on the tarmac in Lahore and time to refuel. Let's hope the storm passes ⛈ ✈️ #royalvisitpakistan.''

The story is developing and IB Times will keep you posted on the upcoming updates!