Karlie Brooks: OnlyFans Model Claims She Slept with Josh Duggar and Was Paid to Dress Like a Child While Having Sex

Brooks suggested that she had sex with Duggar more than once and every time he came up with sick requests where the OnlyFans model would be asked to dress like a child.

Josh Duggar's sexual escapades keep emerging even after being sentenced to jail for 12 years in child pornography. He has now been accused by viral porn star and OnlyFans model Karlie Brooks of having sex with her. Brooks, 26, has reportedly come forward and claimed that the disgraced reality TV star and sex offender paid her to have sex on multiple occasions.

The OnlyFans model also claimed that Duggar also paid her to dress up like a child while having sex. Duggar was sentenced to 151 months, or 12 years and seven months, in prison last month for receiving and possessing child porn.

Duggar and His Sick Sex Requests

Karlie Brooks
Karlie Brooks Twitter

In a TikTok video shared to a since-deleted account, the porn star claimed to have slept with Duggar in 2015, around the same time his name was revealed in a hack on the philanderers' dating website, Ashley Madison.

"Speaking of Josh Duggar, I am ashamed to say this- I have slept with him a few years ago when the whole Ashley Madison scandal came out," Brooks said in the short TikTok video clip, that later reappeared on YouTube, according to The Sun.

"I was one of the women that slept with Josh during that time and just hearing everything that has gone down with him makes me absolutely sick," Brooks said.

Josh Duggar

"[Duggar] paid me a generous — a really good amount of money," she claimed without disclosing an exact amount in the clip. "But, yeah, I slept with Josh Duggar."

According to the Sun, Brooks also revealed the strange requests Duggar allegedly made of her during the sexual encounters, including wearing pigtails and children's underpants, shaving her body, and covering her tattoos.

According to the publication, Brooks suggested that she had sex with Duggar more than once and every time he came up with sick requests where the OnlyFans model would be asked to dress like a child.

Karlie Brooks TikTok
Screenshot from the now-deleted TikTok video posted by Karlie Brooks Twitter

Brooks later said, "I am so disgusted that I've been with him," saying she thought the requests were normal among clients at the time.

Sick Mentality

The Ashley Madison hack in 2015 revealed that Duggar held an account on the infamous website made for cheating. Brooks is the second woman to allege she met Duggar through Ashley Madison, following Danica Dillon's allegations shortly after the 2015 disclosure.

Karlie Brooks
Karlie Brooks Twitter

Brooks said that she realized Duggar's true nature and obsession with child pornography only lately. The porn star also said that Josh selected pants from the children's section for her to wear when they met, and that she had met him many times.

Duggar had denied sleeping with porn star Danica Dillion, but in a statement made around the time of the original 2015 allegation, he admitted to being unfaithful.

"I have been the biggest hypocrite ever. While espousing faith and family values, I have secretly over the last several years been viewing pornography on the internet and this became a secret addiction and I became unfaithful to my wife," Josh wrote at the time.

Duggar was recently sentenced to 12 years in jail, plus 20 years of probation upon release, and fined $50,000 on counts of child pornography possession, for which he filed an appeal on Friday, maintaining his innocence throughout.

Karlie Brooks
Karlie Brooks Twitter

He was previously accused of abusing several juvenile females when he was between the ages of 14 and 15, including one victim who was under the age of five.

In addition to prison time, Duggar is now restricted from owning a computer or accessing pornography, as well as associating with youngsters unsupervised. He starred alongside his parents, brothers, in-laws, wife, and their seven children on TLC's "19 Kids and Counting," portraying a large Baptist family who were depicted as the epitome of religious purity and faith.