Kamala Harris Health: Vice-President's Asia Tour Hit by Mysterious Havana Syndrome

Vice President Kamala Harris' departure for Vietnam was delayed by several hours after her office was informed of an anomalous health incident similar to that of the mysterious Havana syndrome, reports say.

Cases of the so-called Havana syndrome have increased in the United States recently as nearly 200 Americans affected by the disease. The first case of the mysterious Havana Syndrome was detected in 2016 and 2017. People first affected by the disease were from the US and Canadian embassies in Havana.

Reportedly, when Harris was in Singapore her office was informed by the US embassy about the incident in Hanoi, ahead of her visit to Vietnam. However, it is yet unclear who was affected by the mysterious Havana Syndrome.

New reports suggest that the latest incident in the Vietnamese capital is very similar to the previous incidents of the disease reported in other countries.

Vice President Kamala Harris
Vice President Kamala Harris Twitter/VP

"After careful assessment, the decision was made to continue with the Vice President's trip," according to an official statement released by Rachael Chen, spokeswoman for the US embassy in Hanoi.

Moreover, Harris' chief spokeswoman Symone Sanders told reporters that Harris is fine and looking forward to meetings in Hanoi tomorrow. "This has nothing to do with the vice president's health," Sanders later said of the delay, according to reports.

New Cases Of The 'Havana Syndrome' were Reported in Vienna

Meanwhile, hundreds of US diplomats and intelligence operatives including other personnel stationed in Russia, China, and Cuba have fallen ill with symptoms including chronic insomnia, ear ringing, nausea, severe headaches, and even brain damage, according to reports.

Recently, the Vienna State Department was forced to look into new reports of the Havana Syndrome as many US diplomats in the state have complained about having the symptoms of the mysterious illness. The department had launched an intensive investigation to find the cause of the unexplained health incidents among American personnel. A panel of experts including senior intelligence officers had reportedly discussed methods of identifying the cause and potential mechanisms of the mysterious Havana syndrome.