Kai inspired other actors on the sets of 'Andante,' reveals crew member

Andante crew member expresses gratefulness to Kai.

EXO band member Kai has often been praised for his sexy looks and physique that he shows off during stage performances and photo shoots. However, not many would have guessed that he'd turn out to be a really dedicated actor as well. One crew member who worked on the sets of KBS drama 'Andante' revealed the actor was so committed to his role that he even inspired other actors on set.

As noted by website Soompi, an 'Andante' crew member said, "I would like to express my gratefulness to Kai and the rest of the cast for working hard, even if it was the middle of winter. Most of all, [I would like to thank] Kai who was a model to the other actors by always thinking about his character and working hard."

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The filming of the South Korean television drama began in January and it was extremely cold on the sets. The filming staff of the drama has released some still photos from the sets that show everyone wearing heavy, fluffy winter jackets and hoodies. What the stills also show is an actively involved Kai, going through his shooting script, conversing with the producing director (PD) Park Ki-ho. He is also seen looking at a scene he just shot, through a monitor attached with the camera.

In a press conference for 'Andante' on September 19, talking about his character, Kai had said, "Si Kyung is really innocent and boyish. I'm very different on the stage and below the stage. I show a cool image on stage but I'm very different off stage. That's why I liked fusing that part of me with Si Kyung for a different image." The image of the confident and powerful 23-year-old singer seems very different from his latest photos showing a budding actor eager to learn his craft. It says a lot about his willingness to expand his horizons as an artist.

Latest still photos from 'Andante,' shows trouble brewing for Kai and his family. It appears that the cafe that Kai's onscreen mother, played by actress Jun Mi-sun runs along with his aunt, has been vandalised; with tables and chairs turned upside down and at least one plant uprooted from its pot. Kai's on-screen sister, played by Lee Ye-hyun is also seen looking concerned. It seems someone decided to take revenge. Kai's face looks bruised and drained.

Things will begin to unravel once the first episode of 'Andante' airs on September 24 at 10.10 a.m. KST, on KBS1.

This article was first published on September 21, 2017