Kabul University's New Vice-Chancellor is a Taliban Who Supported Assassination of Journalists

Around 70 teaching staff of Afghanistan's Kabul University resigned from their posts after the Taliban on September 22 sacked PhD holder Vice-Chancellor Muhammad Osman Baburi and replaced him with Muhammad Ashraf Ghairat.

The staff who have resigned include assistant professors and professors. As per ANI, Afghans are furious over the new VC of Kabul University who is a young bachelor degree holder after the post was vacated by an intellectual, experienced PhD holder.

Newly-Appointed VP Supported the Assassination of Journalists in Afghanistan?

The critics have also come up with a 2020 tweet of Ghairat, where he justified the killing of journalists.

"A tweet by the new Taliban Chancellor of Kabul University: A spy journalist is more dangerous than a hundred Arbaki (Local Police/Paramilitary). I doubt the faith of those who restrain from killing journalists. Kill Spy Journalists. Contain Media," Sami Mahdi, a journalist and a lecturer at Kabul University, wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

Ghairat Disrespectful Towards His Women Class Fellows? New FB Post Goes Viral

Further, a Facebook post written by a person named Arif Bahrami, who claims to be a college class fellow of Ghairat, has also been doing the rounds on social media, the Pakistan-based Friday Times newspaper reported.

This terrible guy, Ashraf, was unfortunately my classmate for four years in Journalism Department at Kabul University and a roommate in the dorm for a year, Bahrami said.

He further added, "He barely secured passing score in very easy subjects on the first attempt. I remember how disrespectful he was to our female fellows, including the teachers and classmates."

"The Taliban appointed him as the chancellor of Kabul University today, really? This breaks my heart in pieces because an incompetent, unexperienced and totally ignorant person is not suitable for such a sacred position. I call his appointment a complete destruction for the higher education in Afghanistan," Bahrami said in his FB post.

Ghairat is said to have been employed in the Ministry of Education in the previous government and was head of the assessment body of universities of IEA in the southwestern part of Afghanistan, according to reports.

Protests on Social Media Over Ghairat's Appointment

As per The Khaama Press News Agency report, people are enraged over the appointment of Ghairat as VC of the biggest university based in Kabul.

Reportedly, several people including Taliban members have denounced Ghairat's appointment claiming that there were more eligible people than him.

One internet user wrote, "This tells you a lot about both: -Taliban's value for education; and -Taliban's mentality towards journalists. You shouldn't be surprised by all-mullah's cabinet of the Taliban, and the Talibs torturing and harassing Afghan journalists. This is simply who they are."

Another wrote, "God bless my beloved #KabulUniversity with a suicide bomber and enemy of free press chairing it. Sad days are ahead of us, but we shall overcome. The national uprising will succeed inshallah. #NoToTaliban #TalibanDestroyingAfghanistan"