JYP Entertainment not certain about contract renewal with Suzy

Agency says renewal is still a matter of discussion.

Suzy Bae
Singer-actress Bae Suzy instagram.com/skuukzky

Miss A girl group singer Bae Suzy is one of the most prominent K-pop idols to emerge from under JYP Entertainment's banner. It was the agency which first created the group in 2010. Suzy's contract ended with the entertainment company about three months ago on March 31 and the latter aren't sure if the singer would renew it.

As noted by website Koreaboo, JYP Entertainment recently gave an update on the question of contract renewal with Suzy. "We are still discussing with Suzy about her contract renewal," the JY park owned company's statement read.

On April 20, noted Koreaboo, JYP Entertainment had revealed, "Suzy's contract is still under discussion. There have been no changes yet." It seems that there has been no significant progression in talks between Suzy and her label.

Former members, Mia, Fei and Min's contracts had also expired. Jia left the group in 2016 following the expiry of her contract, Fei decided to re-sign with the agency and Min's contract was also to expire in April.

In the meantime, Bae Suzy will be starring in SBS's upcoming romance-fantasy drama 'While You Were Sleeping.' She will be starring alongside actor Lee Jong-suk. The drama deals with a woman, Nam Hong-joo played by Suzy, who can see unfortunate events in the near future in her dreams. Prosecutor Jung Jae-chan, played by Jong-suk, tries his best to prevent the dreams from becoming reality.

As per reports, notes Koreaboo, due to the busy schedule of filming for her upcoming drama, she had not had the time to go through her contract with JYP Entertainment. With filming coming to an end soon, she'll be able to have a look at it and reconsider, or not. As of now, everything hangs into balance.

In her personal front, there are various unverified rumours regarding whether Suzy will wed actor Lee Min-ho, who is currently serving in the military. There are also rumours that suggest that the Miss A singer has broken up with her boyfriend who is seven years older than her. There have been no comments from either of the concerned parties as of now.

This article was first published on June 16, 2017
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