Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez reconcilation : Who all are not happy with it ?

Selena and Justin have been reportedly spending some quality time together and her friends and family are not happy with it.

Justin Bieber Selena Gomez
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have remained close despite their split Reuters

The big reconciliation of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber has caused a frenzy on social media by fans all over the world. Although Jelena(Selena, Justin's official fandom) are extremely thrilled to see their icons back together again.

Recently Selena and the "Starboy" singer The Weeknd(Abel) broke up and the news has shocked the Abelinas(Selena, Abel's fan stardom). The couple was reportedly very much in love and were even rumoured to be engaged.

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Now former lover Justin is back in Selena's life though there's no report as such stating that they are officially dating again. But rumour has it that Justin is trying his best to gain Selena's trust back again.

Selena and Justin have been reportedly spending some quality time together.

The duo was initially spotted having breakfast together last month and later was seen attending church together. Recently Selena and Justin were seen riding bikes together and the pictures have gone viral on social media sites.

An insider told People magazine, "So what's different about this time? He will do anything he can to prove he can be a great boyfriend,".

Selena's close ones are however, not happy with their reunion.

Close friend and kidney donor to the lumpus- stricken star, Francia Raisa has never been a fan of Bieber after all that Selena went through because of him.

Sources close to Selena's family told TMZ that the 25-year-old singer's family blames Justin for her time in rehab, where she was treated for depression.

The "Look what you made me do" singer and bff, Taylor Swift has also shown her disapproval towards the couple and believes her friend "could do much better."

Another source told US Weekly," Her friends want her to be cautious".

Looks like Justin has lots to prove in order to gain all of Selena's friends' and family's trust.