Justin Bieber New Video in Underwear: Anyone's Behind-The-Scenes Makeup Footage Goes Viral

Justin Bieber is making fans go gaga with his massive transformation for his new music video 'Anyone'. The Canadian singer-songwriter gave his fans an inside look on Friday at how he covered his numerous tattoos for his new track through his personal Instagram account. The 26-year-old singing sensation shared a time-lapse video clip of behind-the-scenes makeup process from his shoot for the new track on his official social media handle.

In the video, Bieber is seen flaunting his white Calvin Klein underwear as he sits with a team of makeup artistes working on to cover up his torso, arms and legs, which are all adorned with ink. Seeing his transformed figure, a fan claimed that it felt weird to see Bieber without tattoos. Sharing the video on Insta, the popular singer captioned the clip as an array of his fans shared their reactions to the makeup process, "No tats for the #Anyonevideo." Another fan wrote, "IT IS LIKE 2010." Meanwhile, Bieber's Instagram post has gone viral within minutes after he shared the same on his official handle.

Justin Bieber's new single 'Anyone' video is inspired by 'Rocky' and it is already creating a buzz among his fans worldwide. According to People's Magazine, the music video directed by Colin Tilley debuted after Bieber's New Year's Eve performance on Thursday night. The Love Yourself' crooner is seen portraying a boxer in the video, which has already garnered much attention on YouTube as well.

Justin Bieber Shares Underwear-Clad Clip
Justin Bieber Covers All His Tattoos for 'Anyone' Video Instagram

The video showcases Bieber without his tattoos, which is a rare sight for his fans. It is his first project which has him look flawless. The video shows the 'Baby' singer training at home, drinking a glass of raw eggs and practising in the ring at a gym.

Watch his Transformation Video:

Bieber's new music video also features Zoey Deutch, who plays his love interest and supports him on his journey. Deutch and Bieber share some steamy intimate scenes other than scenes where Bieber is seen weighing in before a fight and participating in preliminary boxing matches. At the end of the video, Bieber gets knocked out in his final match, after which he gains the strength to stand and take out his opponent.

Watch Justin Bieber's New Music Video: 'Anyone'

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