Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin, and Chance the Rapper Leave Restaurant Without Paying, Don't Tip Server

Bieber, Baldwin and Chance were called out over their tipping etiquette after a waitress at a Chicago restaurant said they left without leaving a tip.

Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin and Chance the Rapper are facing backlash on Twitter for not paying for their drinks and failing to leave a tip for the waitress who served them at a restaurant in Chicago.

Deux Moi, an Instagram account known for sharing people's encounters with celebrities, received a tip from an anonymous account claiming that he was at a restaurant in Chicago visited by Bieber, Baldwin and Chance a few days ago when a waitress who worked there told them "they all sucked."

The waitress said that the trio not only walked around without face masks on but also left without paying their bill and didn't even leave a tip for the server.

Chance Says His Friend Owns the Restaurant

Chance the Rapper, Justin Bieber and HaileyBaldwin
Chance the Rapper, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin at the restaurant. Twitter

After Twitter user Daniel T drew Chance's attention to screenshots of the conversation between the tipper and the Instagram account, the rapper responded by saying that they didn't pay for their drinks because his friend owns the place but admitted to not tipping the server.

"Yea, we didn't order food just drinks so we could talk and my homie owns the restaurant and told us not to pay," he wrote. "But I can understand why the server would be confused and upset about a tip. Tell him I got him next time." He added that all of them had masks on but took them off when they sat down at the table.

Social Media Backlash

Shortly after posting the tweet, Chance, Bieber and Baldwin were slammed by Twitter users for failing to leave a tip, especially amid a global pandemic, despite having a combined worth of millions.

"A table with a combined net worth of $300m took up space at a table during a pandemic and didn't tip the waiter," wrote one user.

"So entitled," commented another. "That server had to work for free because your homie owns the joint?? Ridiculous. Why would it not naturally occur to you to want to tip the server??? At LEAST. In this environment too!! When they are out there working at risk. Humble yourself

"The fact that you were given a free meal means you tip that server even more!" opined a third user. "What world do celebs live in that they think there is ever a time you do not tip? Go back and tip your server... not "I got you next time" pay that man!!! You realize they make LESS than minimum wage?

In the wake of the backlash, Chance, whose real name is Chancelor Johnathan Bennett, deleted his original tweet and responded with a new post saying, "I regret responding to your question publicly, I made a mistake in forgetting to find a way to tip the server. I'll make it right in private. Always tip the server folks."

Repeat Offenders

One user shared other screenshots posted by Deux Moi suggesting Bennett had a history of not paying his bills and failing to leave tips for his servers.

Last month, a former restaurant hostess rated Baldwin as "not nice" while rating her encounters with celebrities in a TikTok video that prompted the model to issue an apology.