Joker: 8 new behind-the-scenes stills of Joaquin Phoenix, Todd Phillips on set

As Joker looks to earn big on its third weekend, the director has offered some new BTS photos as thank you for fans' support.

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Joker/ Facebook

It looks like no amount of criticism is going to stop Joker from staying at the top at the box office. The film is no longer certified as fresh on Rotten Tomatoes but reactions from other critics and fans have been massively positive as the gritty R-rated title proves to be an unstoppable blockbuster so far, earning over $600 million worldwide (via Forbes).

Joker's impressive earnings is astounding and only a few R-rated titles like Deadpool and Logan have managed to make the big buck worldwide. As the DC film officially kicks off with its third weekend, director Todd Phillips offered some more behind-the-scenes pics.

The director shared over eight new never before seen BTS stills of himself on set working alongside Joaquin Phoenix. The lead actor can be seen in different make-up and attire in the photos with Phillips and the camera unit. You can check it out below.

Joker. Twitter

Fans' appreciation for the Joker movie slowly led some to hope that the film's digital/home release could include some deleted scenes that weren't part of the final cut. Unfortunately, though there were "deleted acts', Phillips has shattered all hopes stating that he isn't a fan of releasing extended cuts.

Fortunately, there may still be hope as Phoenix has confirmed he's open to playing the character again. While a Joker sequel is not the first priority for the actor and director, the two have discussed the possibilities of further exploration.

Phoenix is next expected to sign up on an A24 project with director Mike Mills.

The filmmakers' unique approach in making a definitive character study of Joker still continues to receive backlash. Though many critics worried that the movie could inspire copycats to commit similar forms of criminal acts, in reality, there have been no instances of violence at any theatres in the US and other regions. Joker is currently in theatres worldwide.