John Cena on WrestleMania 36: I will for sure be at the event

John Cena on WrestleMania 36: I will for sure be at the event

John Cena has confirmed that he will be attending the WrestleMania 36 to be held on 5 April at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. Well, he has also hinted that he would not be playing a major role in the pay-per-view , but will take part in some capacity.

John Cena
John Cena. WWE

Speaking with Sports Illustrated, he said, "Performing at WrestleMania this year would be a gift. I haven't been intertwined in the machine of the WWE. I know those WrestleMania spots are few and far between. I've expressed that I'm off. But I've also expressed that I live in Tampa,"

He added, "I will for sure be at the event and I have great trust in the process and I have great faith in Vince McMahon not only as a boss, but as so much more than that. As a friend, as a mentor. If he were to tell me that he needs me, I would absolutely be active in whatever capacity, whether it would be like last year in New York rapping my way to the ring or the year before being a fan in the stands. There is no job too small. "

John Cena has not been active in WWE for over two years now. He has been making sporadic appearances in the sports entertainment due to his Hollywood and TV commitments. The Champ thinks that his time as a full-time wrestler is nearly over and he is not having any ambition to play for the big belts.

"I can't perform as much as the current ones because I'm a little bit older, and I have these cool opportunities to do other stuff, but in doing other stuff, I'm not saying that world is shut off. I'm trying to bring this world with me, so we can all be involved in a movie conversation or a WrestleMania conversation," he is quoted as saying by Belfast Telegraph.