Joe Biden's Weekend Travel to Delaware Flouts CDC Covid-19 Travel Warnings? Fox News Slammed Over Tweet

Social media users called out Fox News for criticizing President Biden as he travelled to Delaware for the Super Bowl weekend.

Fox News came under fire on Friday for criticizing President Joe Biden over his weekend travel to his home state of Delaware despite travel warnings put in place by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. Social media users called out the conservative news outlet for not criticizing Biden's predecessor Donald Trump for taking multiple trips to his Florida golf resort Mar-a-Lago.

Fox News tweeted: "Biden flying to Delaware despite CDC warnings to avoid travel." In its report attached with the tweet, the outlet cited CDC guidelines ahead of the Super Bowl weekend urging Americans that "you do not travel at this time" over the heightened risk of Covid-19 infection.

Did President Biden Flout CDC Travel Warnings?

The guidelines were issued by CDC for general civilians who travel in public transportation, putting them in proximity with others. This increased the chances of spreading the novel coronavirus, especially during this weekend when Americans are gearing up for Super Bowl.

"Airports, bus and train stations, and rest stops are all places travelers can be exposed to the virus in the air and on surfaces," CDC guidelines stated. "These are also places where it can be hard to social distance. In general, the longer you are around a person with COVID-19, the more likely you are to get infected."

President Joe Biden
U.S. President Joe Biden boards Air Force One for the first time as president in Washington D.C. on Feb. 5, 2021. Twitter/The White House

However, Biden travelled through Air Force One. This meant that his travel was in accordance with the guidelines. Moreover, CDC recommended taking both rounds of Covid-19 vaccinations before the travel. The 78-year-old President received both jabs and received the second dose about three weeks back.

Fox News Criticized

Social media users were quick to criticize Fox News over the report. Several users reminded the outlet that former President Trump made multiple trips to Mar-a-Lago and held rallies amid the raging pandemic.

One Twitter user wrote: "Ok....I am f**king fuming. Why does President Biden have to explain himself boarding Airforce 1 when the POS took it EVERY f**king week-end to play golf????"

Another user tweeted: "You're kidding, right? Where were you all of 2020 when your favorite was literally super-spreading all over the country? And going to his own golf courses on our dime every flipping weekend via PLANE?"

During the initial months into the pandemic, Trump refused to wear masks claiming that they did not limit the spread of the disease. He even mocked Biden during a presidential debate for wearing masks.