Joe Biden's Visit to Children's Hospital on Christmas Eve Staged Inside 'Seacrest Studios' ? Viral Image Propels Conspiracy Theory

A viral claim suggesting that U.S. President Joe Biden's recent visit to meet children in a Pediatric hospital was staged in a studio is found to be fake. The claim originated after logo of 'Seacrest Studios' was found in one of the pictures from the event.

It isn't the first time that the U.S. President has been accused of staging an event in a studio rather than actually visiting the place. Earlier one of the conspiracy theories had suggested that the Oval office in Biden's images was a studio set up.

seacrest studios
Viral images that propelled the rumors of Biden staging his visit to the children's hospital. Twitter

Was the Meet Staged Inside Seacrest Studios?

The Guardian reported that Biden and his wife Jill Biden made an unannounced joint visit to Children's National Hospital in Washington DC on Christmas Eve. During the surprise visit, the First lady also read a book, Olaf's Night Before Christmas, to the children.

However, several social media users pointed out at the Seacrest Studios sign that was visible in the pictures of the visit released by Reuters. "Everything Biden says or does is a lie. On Christmas Eve, the Sock Puppet and his fake doctor wife pretended to visit a "children's hospital." What it was instead was a film studio - Seacrest Studios - mocked up to sort of look like a children's hospital. And our corrupt news media is still trying to cover for them. My goodness," a user wrote on Facebook.

"You mean you still think That is a real hospital. It's a stage inside seacrest studios as in Ryan Seacrest. Does the word studios show up in any hospitals you go to? Do they have false walls and deep dark spaces behind them all?" tweeted a user.

"Biden visits children's hospital at Seacrest Studios on Christmas Eve! Did they move all the kids there because of virus mandates?" wrote another.

"Banners Draped over presents "Children's Hospital"? Why? Another Set? Is Biden in a nursing home and they have to make up rooms for him? Seacrest Studios" opined a user.

Here is the Truth

Debunking the claim, Reuters Fact Check claimed that the Bidens visited the hospital on Christmas eve and not some studio as was being claimed on social media.

The outlet reported that Seacrest Studios, set up by the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, are present in 11 pediatric hospitals across the country for the patients to explore media, television and radio during their time in the hospital.

It was in 2015 when the Seacrest Studios was set up in the National Children's Hospital. According to the hospital, the studio "gives kids an interactive space to explore radio, television and social media, share their on-air talents and participate in entertaining programs that are broadcast directly to patient rooms."

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