Joe Biden's Hamlet Crisis: He Will Soon Realize He is Governing in Trump's America

Even as Joe Biden took the oath of office on January 20, one thing was certain -- the US politics would no longer be dominated by the Democrats or Republicans alone. A third force has joined the political league and they're known as Trump Americans. Biden has promised to be the President for all and engage in policies with respect. He also famously said that 'there are no red states or blue states, but the United States.'

No doubt, Joe Biden would follow this policy of getting both the sides on the same page as he's been a centrist all his life, but there lies the real problem. For the record, Trump has the distinguished luck for still having supporters by his side despite not delivering all that he's promised. Joe Biden is no Donald Trump and the ones who've voted for him will demand results, or else they would leave him.

Eventually, Joe Biden will realize he is still governing in Trump's America.

Donald Trump Rally Speech
Instagram / Team Trump 45

The Democrat Problem

The far left has a stronger tooth and support and will denounce any policy he makes that favors conservatives or Republicans and will remind him of the fact that it was them who carried him to the White House. The far left will pressure Biden to think progressive and include socialist mandates in all his policies.

The Democrats are hell bent on taking down Trump and will begin the impeachment process for inciting the crowd to storm the Capitol building to overturn the election. Joe Biden will eventually feel the heat of the impeachment hearing against Trump as half the country of Trump supporters would hit the streets in protest and take to the airways slamming the Democrats for 'attempting to take down Trump'.

If Biden feels that governing in such a situation will not unite Americans but further divide the country, he might speak up asking Nancy Pelosi to stop the impeachment hearing. If Biden ever speaks up, the left will see him as an enemy and if Biden doesn't speak up, the right will see him as an enemy. Biden would end up in a situation of 'Dammed if I do, dammed if I don't' and will not be liked by both the sides.

The Republican Problem

Joe Biden will receive the same hostility and hatred Barack Obama received throughout his 2-term tenure and the President will be labelled as co-towing to the elite and ignoring the fly over states.

The right wing has a bigger megaphone post Trump's presidency and their social media reach is far wider than that of the liberal cable television news. Republicans will always see him as an 'illegitimate president' who took over by 'fraud' and 'stole the election' from Trump, and will stick to their beliefs even if there's no concrete proof of wrongdoing.

Any step Biden takes on a liberal stance will be as shaky as walking down a farm full of landmines. He will soon be called a 'terrorist sympathizer' for revoking Trump's infamous Muslim Ban from 7 Islamic countries. Standing against Muslim immigration to America unites Donald Trump's supporters like no other force and he will be accused of trying to spread 'Shariah Law' and 'dhimmi rule' in the US. Even Barack Obama faced the same criticism.

If Joe Biden grants citizenship to illegal immigrants, chest thumping chants of 'build the wall' and 'send them back' will be met and Republicans will rally around and blame Biden for job losses for regular hardworking Americans.

Trump has divided America to a place of no returning back to normalcy and the Biden administration will find it hard to keep the country united. Joe Biden or anyone else cannot reverse what Trump has planted as his populist agenda will be revered for years.

Donald Trump has positioned himself as a polarizing figure in American politics and no one can undo that. The United States has not and will never see another Trump. Though Trump is removed from office, Trumpism is here to stay and Joe Biden will eventually realize that it's still Trump's America he's governing in.

(Opinions expressed in the article are the author's own.)