Joe Biden Will Give Illegal Immigrants Voting Rights and a Path to Citizenship: Tomi Lahren

US President Joe Biden faces a humanitarian crisis at the US-Mexico border as thousands of people including unaccompanied children are crossing dangerous paths in the hopes of reaching the border and eventually be allowed to live in America by the new administration.

Hoping fortune to be on their side with the new pro-immigration administration, the border has seen an influx of people since Biden was inaugurated and facilities at the border are running above capacity giving border patrol agents a hard time to control the situation.

US President Joe Biden
Instagram grab / Joe Biden

Despite talking in favor of immigrants while running for the presidency, Biden seems to be doing the opposite, which includes upholding a controversial policy of former president Donald Trump that allows people who show up at the border to be sent to Mexico and apply for the asylum process and wait for their turn from there.

However, Republicans seem to be unimpressed by the way the Biden administration is handling the border crisis and feel the president wants to allow as many people to show up at the border and pack them together as one in the coming months and allow them inside the country ultimately giving them voting rights and path to citizenship, so the Democratic party will always hold power in the future.

Tomi Lahren In Donald Trump Merchandise Tshirt
Instagram grab / Tomi Lahren

Several conservatives have warned the same and Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren, a die-hard supporter of Trump, rang the warning bells on Twitter saying a day like this is not far. She tweeted: ''Biden knows there is a border influx and so do Democrats but this is all part of the plan: pack as many illegals in as possible in the next several months and then give them a pathway to citizenship and ultimately VOTING RIGHTS. This is a calculated move. Pay attention.''

The accusation comes despite Biden, in his in an interview with ABC News addressing the border crisis, openly declared ''don't come over'' to migrants. "Yes I can say quite clearly don't come over ... Don't leave your town or city or community,'' he said.

Biden also shrugged off claims that his soft stance against illegal immigration and dismantling of Trump's harsher policies signaled a free entry into America. "The idea that Joe Biden said 'come' - I heard the other day that they're coming because I'm a nice guy... Here's the deal, they're not," the President summed it up.