Is Joe Biden Listed as 'Pedo Peter' in Hunter Biden Phone List? Speculations After 4Chan Users Hack iCloud Account, Leak Screenshots

The unverified "leaked content" posted by the 4chan users included images of text messages involving drug use, money transfers, guns.

Speculations about Hunter Biden dubbing his father as 'Pedo Peter' surfaced on social media after users of 4Chan claimed to have hacked his iCloud account. The users claimed that Hunter saved U.S. President Joe Biden's saved the moniker in his phone contact list.

Besides leaking a ton of controversial data on the social media platform, the users also shared screenshots of Hunter's laptop and phone on the website on Saturday night.

Joe Biden and Hunter Biden

Leaks Allegedly Include Biden's Phone Number

The Washington Examiner reported that to prove the leak was legitimate, the users posted links of the leaked content on the website. Soon, it found way to other social media platforms.

The unverified "leaked content" posted by the 4chan users included images of text messages involving drug use, money transfers, guns. Apparently, a screen shot appeared to have included President Joe Biden's personal phone number, which was saved as "Pedo Peter" in Hunter's phone list. Screenshots also revealed the text messages shared with "Pedo Peter"

The New York Post reported that Biden had used the pseudonym "Peter Henderson" – a fictional Soviet Union-era spy in several Tom Clancy novels who infiltrated the US government, while sharing a YouTube video on email with his son, brother Jim, daughter-in-law Hallie, as well as his sister and longtime political strategist Valerie Biden Owens in October 2016.

As reported previously, an extract from the personal diary of Ashley Biden, daughter of the U.S President, had revealed that she took showers with her father, an act which Ashley described as inappropriate.

Who is Pedo Peter?

The alleged leak and mention of Pedo Peter was enough to stir social media. Despite the leaks being unverified and the identity of Pedo Peter uncertain, the speculations were rife about it being used for Joe Biden.

The Post Millennial's Ian Miles Cheong tweeted, "Can we talk about how Biden is polling as the least popular president of all time and also that his son refers to him as Pedo Peter?"

"We actually have a President whose own son refers to as Pedo Peter. A man with whom his daughter said he took inappropriate showers. This is what Democrats have foisted on our nation. A national embarrassment," tweeted a user.

"Y'all just wait. Hunter is about to get disowned now that this Pedo Peter thing is out in the open. Joe is about say he's back on that powder and throw him into rehab faster than Kim did Kanye," read a tweet.

"Allegedly, Hunter Biden refers to his dad as "Pedo Peter." What more needs to be said," read another tweet.

"Biden's own fucking children call him Pedo Peter think for a second what your father would have to do for you to call him Pedo Peter. Happy 81m people voted for Pedo Pete Unreal. #Biden #PedoPete," expressed a user.