Joe Biden Involved in Hunter Biden's Overseas Businesses? POTUS Agreed to Pay Son's Legal Fees Linked to Chinese Firms, Email Shows

A leaked email suggested that US President Joe Biden had agreed to pay his son Hunter Biden's legal fees for deals that were linked to a Chinese government-controlled company.

The email indicates that Biden's action is contradictory to his previous claims that he was unaware of Hunter's overseas business dealings.

He agreed to cover over $800,000 in bills racked up by his son, which included legal fees of Hunter's overseas business firms.

The details came from an email and a spreadsheet attached to it, which emerged on Tuesday.

Hunter Biden and Joe Biden
Hunter Biden and Joe Biden Twitter

Katie Dodge, Hunter's former personal assistant, sent a message to accountant Linda Shapero, founder of the Global DEEZ firm in Leesburg, Va, on January 17, 2019.

" Hello VP Team. I spoke with Hunter today regarding his bills. It is my understanding that Hunt's dad will cover these bills in the short-term as Hunter transitions in his career," read the mail, according to New York Post.

Hunter Had to Pay $130,000 in Legal Fees

Hunter had to immediately pay over $130,000 in legal fees to Faegre Baker Daniels, a law firm and an additional $28,382 amount for "BHR Restructuring", according to the spreadsheet attached in the email.

Hunter Biden's former personal assistant Katie Dodge's mail.
Hunter Biden's former personal assistant Katie Dodge's mail. Twitter

The email mentioned BHR Restructuring, which is believed to be a reference to Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management, in which Hunter Biden held a 10 percent stake.

Biden Was Aware of Hunter's Overseas Business Dealings?

The details have drawn the president closer to Hunter's overseas business dealings.

Biden paid the bills after leaving the VP office as he received the earnings from the companies owned by him and his wife Jill. They had also received a huge amount from the speaking engagements and book deals.

It also emerged that Biden had declared over $7million more earnings in his income on the tax filing when compared to his declaration in the government transparency reports.

Some of that difference can be accounted for with salaries earned by First Lady Jill Biden and other sums not required on his reports – but still leaves $5.2million earned by Joe's company and not listed on his transparency reports, according to Daily Mail.