Joe Biden Branded 'CREEPY; Caught Touching Staffer's Thigh While Petting Service Dog (Video)

In a video, president Joe Biden has been spotted grabbing a service dog handler's thigh, which has left many baffled on social media. Biden's act in the creepy video petting a service dog and bonding with his owner went viral on the internet on Tuesday.

According to reports, the POTUS was at the California Governors' Office of Emergency Services for surveying the damage left by the wildfire season at the West Coast. He also campaigned for California governor Gavin Newsom, who was facing a recall election on Tuesday.

In the video shared through the Twitter account of The Recount, Biden can be spotted chatting with a staff member at the Office of Emergency Services. Biden talked about his own pets Major and Champ while petting the service dog.

Biden revealed that he had a black Labrador for fifteen years as his hand rests on the staff member's thigh. "Best company in the world. And then my German Shephard died at age 15. They're the best aren't they?" the US president further added in the 13-second video clip.

Joe Biden
Web Screen Grab

"Creepy biden rests his hand on emergency worker's thigh and PATS it as he talks about the man's service dog and reminisces about his own dead German Shepherd (NOW it's about HIS dog)," another Twitter user wrote.

"That is an Assistance dog on duty. I sure hope he asked the handler if he could pet the dog. Generally handlers do not want their dogs distracted from their work. Big No!!!" a user by the @snapster552 id wrote on Twitter.

Recently, Biden received backlash for his decision of withdrawing the US military forces from Afghanistan. He was also accused of leaving behind US military service dogs in the Taliban-captured region. The video also had a comment enquiring about the US service dogs abandoned in Afghanistan. "How are the service dogs doing he abandoned in Afghanistan?" the comment read.

Biden Poses With Children in Pro-Trump Attire

The internet is abuzz with another viral incident of Biden. An image of the 46th POTUS posing with children in pro-Trump attire has gone viral on the internet. The image has been snapped during the president's visit to Pennsylvania while he was marking the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attack. The picture shows Biden posing with many children, one of whom is spotted donning a red Trump hat while another wears a hat with the inscription 'Make America Great Again.'