Jo Young Nam on Parting Ways with Minari Actress Jo Young Nam: 'We Divorced because I Cheated on her'

Singer Jo Young Nam has once again spoken about his divorce with his ex-wife and actress Youn Yuh Jung. He has taken the blame on himself over their separation while revealing the reason for their split.

Jo Young Nam
Jo Young Nam. Twitter

On KBS's AM Plaza, the singer opened up on his divorce where he confessed that he cheated on his wife leading to their parting ways. He said, "We got divorced because I cheated on her. I don't understand why I cheated on my children, I regret it,"

He was asked whether he watches her films for which he said yes and revealed that he watched Minari on the first day of its release itself.

The former couple tied the knot when his wife was at her peak in her career in 1974. After the wedding, the couple settled in the US. She bid goodbye to acting to spend time with her family. Ten years later, she returned to Korea and started working in movies.

In 1987, they got divorced. They had two sons before they legally parted ways.

Youn Yuh Jung in Minari
Youn Yuh Jung in Minari. Instagram

This is not the first time where Jo Young Nam has spoken about cheating on his ex-wife. He had written about it in his autobiography as well. The singer has been quite open about his marriage issues.

Whereas Youn Yuh Jung has always abstained from discussing her divorce with the singer.

The singer also recalls about his second marriage and refusing to have a baby with her.

Youn Yuh Jung First Korean Actress Nominated for an Oscar
Meanwhile, Youn Yuh Jung has created history by becoming the first South Korean actress to receive an Oscar nomination. She is nominated for her outstanding performance in the supporting artist role in Minari.

"I was just very happy being nominated. I never even dreamed about being nominated for an Oscar. People will be very happy for me if I get the win, but it's very stressful."

It's not like I'm representing the country by going to the Olympics, but I feel like I'm competing for my country. It's stressful," she is quoted as saying by Deadline.

Youn Yuh Jung